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KB 1004: Forcing FCROppNew to work with all Apps


Full Circle Insights released a new Lightning Component with the v1.25 release called "FCROppNew". This component is used as an Opportunity New button lightning override, and allows new Opportunities to be created with full Response Management functionality. For more details see the v1.25 Release Notes here.

It has been reported that this component can fail when:

a) a new Opportunity is being created from a Contact related list,

b) the Lightning App has a Console Navigation Style, and

c) multiple Opportunity record types exist

Salesforce has acknowledged that this is a bug and has provided the following work-around. 


To avoid this issue, do the following:

  1. In Lightning
  2. Go to Object Manager | Opportunity Object
  3. Go to Search Layout | Edit List View
  4. Check the "New" button
  5. Save

To Verify

PREREQ: Opportunity 'New' button has the Lightning Override = FCROppNew

  1. In Lightning
  2. Go to a Contact
  3. Add an Active Response
  4. Click New Opportunity in the Related Lists

VERIFY: The Account is pre-populated in the form

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