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Full Circle Insights

Response Management Kickoff


  • Introductions
  • Deployment Overview
  • Access to SFDC
  • Collaboration & Support
  • Getting Started Customer Homework
  • Scheduling

Introductions & Project Roles

See slides

FCI Project Requirements

  • Question: Protocol around access to sandbox/production
  • Question: IT/business release schedules that will affect the project

Deployment Overview

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 3.59.31 PM.png


  • We share documents using  Question: Who on your team should have access?
  • We develop a configuration workbook to support deployment in a Google document
  • We will support you in our Customer Community after deployment

Getting Started: Customer Pre-Work

  • Deployments are better when you have a grasp of basic Full Circle concepts in advance of Business Process Reviews (BPR).
  • Product orientation demos will be emailed before business process review meetings to streamline the process
  • Full Circle Overview
  • Sourcing and Attribution
  • Complete the workbook and share any relevant documentation you have (process, org charts, sample reports)

Scheduling Business Process Reviews

  • BPR 1: Review key concepts, worksheet, marketing and sales process, scoring, funnel, status values, assignments, notifications
  • BPR 2: Deep dive on BPR 1 items, overflow
  • BPR 3: Campaign configuration and usage, response prompts, repeat responses, marketing automation
  • BPR 4: Data quality, deployment process, campaign influence
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