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Why is Inquiry to MQL velocity always zero?

There are three possible scenarios for new inquires. Each scenario is handled accordingly by FCI:

  1. If your lead responds to a campaign but is not qualified through that response (via your scoring methodology), then the "inquiry" funnel is set to TODAY but the response is not progressed further in the funnel since it is not what FCI considers an "active" response. This is not an active response and the Campaign Member progression ends here. 
  2. If a lead responds and does qualify, then the inquiry field on that campaign member is set to TODAY and the MQL field is set to TODAY (since it was today that the activating response occured), which means that the velocity for inquiry -> MQL will be zero (0) days. 
  3. (Note: The following is a reactivation scenario. If you have questions about reactivation scenarios please log a case in our system). If a lead already exists in your system and was disqualified in the past but responds to a new campaign and is re-qualified, then FCI will look back and find the most recent response and "re-activate" it to become the active response. The MQL date will be TODAY but the inquiry date will be whenever the original Inquiry came into the system.



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