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How do I create a new response prompt campaign?

A response prompt campaign displays inside of the Response Prompt drop-down menu and allows users to select a campaign to qualify a Lead or Contact. In order to add a campaign to this drop-down menu you must create a campaign with the following settings:

  • Include a "campaign sourced by" (this will most likely be sales)
  • "Active" is checked
  • "Bypass nurture timeout" is checked
  • "Repeat responses allowed" is checked
  • Set the repeat response timeout segment
  • Choose whether you want to exclude this campaign from reactivation using the "Exclude From Reanimation" checkbox
    • Checking this box will exclude this campaign from being reactivated should the Lead/Contact be disqualified and then re-qualified for any reason (i.e. your reactivation scenarios will ignore this campaign)
  • In "advanced setup" make sure the default value is set to "responded"

The following screenshots show a correctly set-up campaign for use in the Response Prompt menu:

Campaign  Awesome Sales Campaign   Salesforce   Enterprise Edition.png

Navigate to advanced setup within your campaign:

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.20.06 PM.png


After you have configured your campaign, navigate to  Setup > Installed Packages > Full Circle Response Management > Response Prompts.

  • In the Response Prompt Mappings section create a new response prompt by adding a campaign name to the "Prompt" section (this can be anything). Then, click on the magnifying glass icon and search for the campaign you configured. 
  • Hit "add prompt"

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.41.12 PM.png

  • Your new Response Prompt campaign will show up in the list.
  • To restrict who can view this in the Response Prompt menu, you can choose to filter by role, though this is not required.
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