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Response Evaluation Control

Using Admin Response Control

The FCRM__FCR_Admin_Response_Control__c field on the CampaignMember can be used to modify evaluation of incoming responses in a variety of ways. The field is set to a number that is the sum of one or more control values (see table below). This field can be set both on creation or update of a CampaignMember, and can be used during data imports. This field is automatically cleared after processing.

 Flag name





 Disables all evaluation on this response. Typically used during data import/migration to allow update of a CampaignMember without triggering response processing.



On insert or update, if cascades are allowed for this response they will take place even if this is NOT a response prompt campaign or running as marketing automation user.



On insert or update, prevent cascades even if cascades are allowed and this is a response prompt campaign or repeat response user.



Enable opportunity association processing. If this flag is true, and the FCRM__FCR_Opportunity_c field is set on a response, special opportunity association processing will take place. If this field is false, and the FCRM__FCR_Opportunity__c field is set, the FCRM__FCR_Opportunity__c field will be cleared, as it will assumed to be either set in error, or this is part of a cloning operation.If this field is true and FCRM__FCR_Opportunity__c is not set, normal response processing occurs. The FCRM__FCR_Opportunity__c field must be set at the same time as this value (i.e. must previously be clear or, if replacing an opportunity, a different value).



When shutting down an opportunity active response because the opportunity is being moved to another response, set the response status to "Not a response". Otherwise set to "Resolved Already Engaged". Only applies if RCOA_ENABLEOPPORTUNITYASSOCIATION and RCOA_ALLOWOPREPLACMENT are set. 
Note: If RCOA_DELETEONREPLACEMENT is also set, this flag will be ignored.



Allows the replacement or an opportunity on an existing CampaignMember. In other words, a CampaignMember that references one opportunity, can be reset to reference a different opportunity. The replacing opportunity may not reference a different response unless RCOA_ALLOWOPREPLACEMENT is also set and allowed. Only applies if RCOA_ENABLEOPPORTUNITYASSOCIATION is set.



Allow replacement of opportunity association – i.e. an opportunity that currently references one response can be switched to reference a different response. The new and old response must both be on the same contact (an error will occur if they are not). Only applies if RCOA_ENABLEOPPORTUNITYASSOCIATION is set. See additional opportunity relating to field swapping below.



 Allows a cascade campaign to be created even if the campaign does not normally allow them (FCRM__FCR_Repeat_Responses_Allowed__c is false). Also ignores timeout segments in all cases. Note: this only applies during evaluation - does not carry over to response recovery after merge.



If RCOA_ALLOWOPREPLACEMENT is specified an applicable, this flag will cause the original response referencing the opportunity to be deleted. If field swapping is enabled, it will be applied before the deletion. The deletion will occur before first/last touch recalculation on the opportunity. If set, RCOA_SHUTDOWNNOTARESPONSE will be ignored.

Special opportunity processing: You can create a new association between an existing opportunity that is not associated with a response and a new response or an existing response that is not currently associated with an opportunity by setting the CampaignMember to RCOA_ENABLEOPPORTUNITYASSOCIATION and the FCRM__FCR_Opportunity__c field to the ID of the opportunity.

Note 1: If any of the opportunity association (RCOA_) flags are set, a CampaignMember update will not be processed as a response, even if it is an automation user, response prompt, RC_CREATECASCADES is set, or other configuration would normally cause it to be evaluated as such. In other words - the opportunity association flags override other considerations. Also note that when using these fields on a newly inserted CampaignMember, custom sync fields marked as sync on create will not be set (as that is part of response processing).

Error codes:


 Attempt to change existing opportunity on a response without RCOA_ALLOWOPSWITCH flag set.


 Attempt to change the response referenced by an opportunity without the RCOA_ALLOWOPREPLACEMENT flag set.


 Attempt to change the response referenced by an opportunity to a response that does not have the same contact as the existing response.


 The opportunity ID specified in an association attempt does not exist.

Campaign Member Custom Field Set for Field Swapping

You can define a CampaignMember field set with the API Name Swap_Response_Fields to specify a set of fields to copy during CampaignMember replacement/swap operations. This field set will be used during various response control operations to copy fields from the original CampaignMember to its replacement.

You can specify any field type, however only updatable fields will be processed (formula fields will be excluded). Fields that are lookup fields to user objects will not be copied if they reference inactive users.

The field copy operation will copy null values (clear existing values if present on the target CampaignMember). Keep in mind any campaign member workflows that could fire during a response swap.

Clearing Responses on Original Response during Swap Operation

You can define a Campaign Member field set with API Name "Clear_Original_Response_Fields" to specify fields on the source/original response during a swap operation that should be cleared after the swap. Fields should be set to null/false.

This field set will have no impact on responses that are being deleted via the RCOA_DELETEONREPLACEMENT flag.

The clearing operation defined by this fieldset will not be applied if the Swap_Response_Fields fieldset is not also defined.

This is intended to ensure that fields which are normally not populated on responses in "Resolved - Already Engaged" are cleared as part of the operation rather than manually after the change.

Specific Applications of Field Swapping

If the RCOA_ALLOWOPREPLACEMENT is specified causing the replacement of one response on an opportunity (source response), with a different response (destination response), and the Swap_Response_Fields fieldset exists, all fields in the fieldset will be copied from the source response to the destination response.

The copy operation will occur AFTER the synchronization/update process during which the standard funnel fields are set such as:

  • Inquiry/Target
  • MQR/QT
  • SAR
  • SQR
  • SQR Won

If any of these fields or corresponding date fields are in the Swap_Response_Fields fieldset, the values in the source response will overwrite the values set during synchronization. In other words, the source response values will take priority. Those fields that are not specified in the Swap_Response_Fields fieldset will be set normally.

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