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ME_API_ProcessBuilderReactivationStarter Class

This class and method allow for other Apex code or a Process (built using Process Builder) to initiate Response Reactivation.  The class has a single method, described below.


global static void requestHandler(List<Id> entityIds)


entityIds - A list of Contact, Lead, or Task Ids.

This method is a global static method that is invocable for Processes and Apex code to call and initiate a Process Builder Reactivation matching sequence. The method takes a list of either Contact, Lead, or Task Ids as its argument. If Task Ids are passed, the Process Builder Reactivation sequence will use the Tasks' associated Lead or Contact records as the source objects.

Operation is synchronous. When called from Apex, do not call this function during a before trigger.

Apex Code Examples:

// Reactivation with contacts
List<Id> contactIds = new List<Id>{'003C000001zrchO','003C000001tyV1l','003C000001xtFSx'};

// Reactivation with leads
List<Id> leadIds = new List<Id>{'00QC000001YDcmE','00QC000001Wgezk','00QC000001a9USG'};

// Reactivation with tasks 
List<Id> taskIds = new List<Id>{'00T1a000002UFn9EAG','00T1a000002VpIbEAK','00T1a0000032L7mEAE'};
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