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The Full Circle CRM Response Management Application is a sophisticated response management system that performs a variety of data capturing and synchronization tasks during the normal operation of Salesforce. In doing so it primarily relies on triggers on the Lead, Contact, CampaignMember and Opportunity objects, with some use of Account triggers as well (particularly on organizations that support Person accounts). During execution of these triggers, the Response Management Application may modify other related records as well in a complex sequence of events.

To support unique use cases and business processes, the Response Management Application provides an extensibility model (API) that allows APEX developers to "hook" into normal operation of the application to add additional custom functionality. The API takes two forms: Global methods on the FCR_SupportAPI class, and extensibility plugins that can receive and process events during execution of the Response Management Application.


The Response Management Extensibility API is intended for use by advanced APEX developers. Incorrect use of the API (and sometimes even correct use) can interfere with the correct operation of the Response Management Application.

Before using the API you should be aware of the following:

  • Use of the extensibility API modifies the terms of your application warranty. We do not warrant correct operation of the system when functionality is impacted either directly or indirectly by use of the extensibility API. Even correct use of the API can interfere with the correct operation of the system (for example: if your code causes a limit exception).
  • Use of the extensibility API modifies the terms of your support agreement. All support that relates directly or indirectly to use of the extensibility API is not included with standard support and will incur additional charges. This includes general operation issues where the problem turns out to be a consequence of use of this API.
  • Be sure to read the documentation for each extensibility API function carefully and follow the recommended usage. While we do attempt to point out potential problem areas, this document does not attempt to cover every potential issue or problem that can occur when using the Extensibility API.
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