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Response Management Lightning Ready Checklist


Response Management customers that are migrating their org to the Salesforce Lightning Experience should review the action items below to ensure that the application continues to work as expected. It is highly recommended that these changes first be made in a sandbox where you can test your business processes prior to deploying these changes in a production environment.

Lightning Ready Checklist

Enable/Deploy My Domain

If you are going to be configuring your org to use Lightning Components (as described below), you will first need to enable My Domain. Lightning Components require My Domain, and Domain Deployed to Users. For more information go to Salesforce Setup | Domain Management | My Domain.

Configure Opportunity Creation

All orgs running in active or hybrid mode must override the "New" Opportunity button in order to restrict Opportunity creation. For details about how to configure, see Creating New Opportunities Through the Salesforce UI

Add Deal Explorer Lightning Action

On any page layout using the Deal Explorer Button - Go to Mobile and Lightning Actions and Drag the Deal Explorer Lightning Action into the 'Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Action' section towards the top of the page.

Configure Response Prompt

Response Management ships with two Response Prompt components. One is Visualforce and the other is a Lightning Component. The Visualforce version is compatible with both Classic and Lightning, while the Lighting Component only works in Lightning Experience. If your entire user base is on Lightning Experience, we recommend only using the Lightning Component. If you have a mixed user base, you may need to use both. For details about how to configure both, see Response Prompt Campaigns.

Advanced Setup for Campaign Member Statuses

In Salesforce Classic, Campaign Member Statuses are managed by clicking the "Advanced Setup" button at the top of a Campaign detail page. In Lightning, this button does not exist. In order to be able to easily manage Campaign Member Status, you need to add it as a related list to the Campaign page layout. 

Edit Campaign Page Layout

  1. From Setup, go to Object Manager, enter the object name (Campaign) in the Quick Find box.
  2. Click the Campaign object.
  3. Select Page Layouts.
  4. Edit each page layout by dragging and dropping the Campaign Member Statuses related list onto the layout.
  5. Save the layout

VOTE! To improve the platform, vote for this idea: Advanced Setup for Campaigns in Lightning

"View Response" Field on Campaign Member Related List

In Salesforce Classic, clicking on the first or last name of the record in Campaign Member related list will take you to the Campaign Member detail page. In Lightning, there is no equivalent. Response Management ships with a custom hyperlink field called "View Response" that links to the Campaign Member page. Add this field near the beginning of the related list so that your Lightning users can easily navigate to Campaign Member records.

Edit Campaign Member Layout

  1. From Setup, go to Object Manager, enter the object name (Campaign) in the Quick Find box.
  2. Click the Campaign object.
  3. Select Page Layouts.
  4. Edit the page layout and find the Campaign Member related list.
  5. Click the wrench icon to modify the columns for the related list.
  6. Add "View Response" to the Selected Fields and move it to the second spot in the list.
  7. Save the layout

Cloning Campaign Does Not Clone Custom Statuses

In Classic, if you clone a Campaign that has custom values in Campaign Member Status, those custom values appear in the new Campaign. In Lightning, if you clone a Campaign that has custom values, the new Campaign is created with the default "Sent" and "Responded" statuses. 


  • There are tools that can address this issue that you may considering using, such as Full Circle Easy Campaign Member Status.
  • Have a developer write custom Apex that will ensure that all member status values are created properly when cloning.
  • If you are using a marketing automation tool that can create member status values properly, use marketing automation to create campaigns, instead of cloning.

VOTE! To improve the platform, vote for this idea: Cloning a Campaign Should Clone Campaign Member Status Options in Lightning.


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