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How Opportunity Fields are Set

Opportunity Fields

Response Management has the following managed package fields

Field Name API Name Type Description
Admin_CMArchive FCRM__FCR_Admin_CMArchive__c Long Text Area (32768) This fields stores an XML version of the campaign member referenced in the opportunity Response ID field. If this campaign member is deleted, the application will use this data to re-insert the member. This field is kept up to date unless the advanced setting Block Archive Updates is set.
Admin Originating Contact FCRM__FCR_Admin_Originating_Contact__c Lookup (Contact) This is the contact from which the opportunity is created.
Admin Update Counter FCRM__FCR_Admin_Update_Counter__c Number(18,0) This field is incremented whenever the application updates an opportunity. Use updates to this field as a method to bypass validation rules or other automation processes.
Campaign Attribution FCRM__FCR_Campaign_Attribution__c

Formula (Text)

Object Reference: Primary Campaign Source (Campaign)

This is a formula that references the Standard Primary Campaign Source, Campaign Sourced By field.. It does count towards the cross-object references limit.
First Campaign Touch FCRM__FCR_First_Campaign_Touch__c Lookup (Campaign) Populated Asynchronously, this is the earliest campaign response for the Admin Originating Contact, or if blank, the primary contact role. The timeframe is all time unless the advanced setting First Touch Campaign Days to Filter has a value.
Last Campaign Touch FCRM__FCR_Last_Campaign_Touch__c Lookup (Campaign) Populated Asynchronously, this is the most recent campaign response prior to the opportunity create date, for the Admin Originating Contact, or if blank, the primary contact role.
Response ID FCRM__FCR_Response_ID__c Text (20) this is the 18 character ID for the response that is tracking the funnel for the specific opportunity.

Response Management Configuration Settings

The following Response Management configuration settings impact how some of the Opportunity fields are set.

Response Management Configuration: Setup > Installed Packages > Manage (By Full Circle Insights Response Management )

Advanced Configuration

Block Archive Updates

This option prevents updates to existing CampaignMember archives to the Opportunity Admin_CMArchive field. Selecting this option will prevent updates to opportunity objects due to synchronization events (such as contact updates) and will reduce the number of opportunity object updates. However, CampaignMembers restored during a merge or delete operation may not have the latest data.

First & Last Touch Delay

Normally the opportunity first and last touch fields are set in a future context. This global setting allows you to specify the number of minutes to wait before these fields are set. Use this setting when you know your users immediately edit newly created opportunities and set this value to the time they would need to complete typical edits. This will prevent code update conflicts. Note: Only applies if the 2015 Async System is Enabled.

First Touch Campaign Days to Filter

From the Campaign Attribution button or the Full Circle Campaign Influence tab , click the Advanced configuration Button.

This setting determines how far back the system looks to populate a campaign in the opportunity First Touch Campaign field.

If the field is blank, there is no timeframe restriction.

If the field is populated it restricts how far back the application will look for a response for the Admin Originating Contact, if populated, else, if the Admin Originating Contact field is blank, the application will reference the Primary Contact Role.

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