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Considerations for Response Management when Updating Status Values

Organizations using Salesforce will periodically review and revise the status values used for tracking customer engagements and opportunities. This usually means the following three picklist fields are occasionally updated:

  • Lead Object: Lead Status
  • Contact object: Contact Status (this may be the FC managed package field or it may be a custom field so name will vary)
  • Opportunity Object: Stage

Full Circle Response Management uses all of these values in various ways and will likely need some configuration updates in order to function properly when changes are made to these status/stage values.

Please review the following areas of configuration, and file a case with Customer Success if there are any questions about the effects of a planned status change.

We highly recommend making all of the updates in a sandbox and thoroughly testing before making the changes to a production org.

  • Campaign Member Response Status Field
  • Response Management Status Mapping Configurations
  • Response Management Funnel Configuration
  • Response Management Reactivation Configuration
  • FCCRM Score Threshold fields on Leads and Contacts
  • Workflow Rules and Workflow Field Updates
  • Status Reason type fields on Leads and Contacts
  • Nurture Timeout Workflow Logic
  • Campaign Member Current Stage in Funnel & Current Stage in Funnel Date fields
  • Lead and Contact Response: formula fields 
  • General audit of other dependencies such as Process Builder, custom code, other field formulas, marketing automation program updates

Response Status Field

  • This is a FCRM field on the campaign member and it helps track the progress and resolution of each engagement.  Every value in the lead and contact status fields’ picklists must be mapped to a Response Status value.
  • It is not necessary that they be identical, for instance an org may add the value “Customer” to the Contact status list, but still want the Response status to be “Resolved - Opportunity Won”, or “New Customer”.
  • If adding a new lead or contact status value that should updated with a corresponding value on the campaign member response, (and in most cases this will be necessary), be sure to update the Response Status picklist with the new value. If the lead or contact status value will not have a new corresponding value on the campaign member, (for example, the new value  will map to an already existing value on the campaign member), then move on to the Status Mapping section.
  • If the new lead/contact status value is part of a non-response record type ( a record type defined in the FCRM configuration as excluded from processing by the application) you do not need to update the Campaign Member Response Status field.
  • If you are deactivating a lead or contact status value - do not remove it from the Response Status picklist field. This will preserve the value historically. 

Status Mapping Configurations

When a status value is added to the lead and/or contact and it will need to map to a value in the Response Status picklist.

After making sure the Response Status picklist field is updated, the Response Management status mapping configurations will need to be updated.

  • Go to your Status Mapping Page by entering Setup >> Installed Packages then clicking Configure next to the Full Circle Response Management application. 
  • Click Status Mappings to see your current status mapping configurations which will look something like this:

  • Type in the new value in the input area and click Create
  • The new value should be added, 
  • Select the checkboxes in the Lead and Contact columns to indicate whether the new value will exist on both the lead and contact or just one or the other, and
  • Select the checkbox to indicate the status is an Active Status (IF it will be considered an active status):

  • Choose the corresponding value that should appear in the Response Status field - a list from the Response Status field will be displayed to choose from:

  • Consider whether the new value needs to be included in any of the defaults.  For example, if a new business process determines that a contact status of Customer should be set when an opportunity is won, that will require an update to the section of the status mappings that sets the defaults:

When adding/removing/editing status values please review the conversion overrides as well to see if changes need to be made there. This is where the administrator can override the default status of a contact when converted without an opportunity based on the lead status selected during conversion. (Note that the lead status must be configured as converted in the Lead Status Picklist). There are conversion overrides for both active and inactive status values:

In the event that a lead/contact status value is being deactivated, it should be removed from the configuration once it has been removed from the lead/contact picklists.

This is accomplished by clicking the Delete button in the right column of the status mapping table next to the status that should be removed.

Click Save and Return to Main


When making a status change, please review the funnel configurations. In many orgs a change of status will indicate movement in the funnel. If a new status will be considered an active status, then it will be more likely to impact the funnel settings. 

If the new change is to an opportunity stage and the funnel tracks any post opportunity create funnel stages, then it will be likely an update to the funnel will be needed.

Example 1

This funnel contains a stage called SAL that should be set when certain statuses on the lead or contact are reached, and a new working status is added, then the funnel stage needs to be updated to include the new status value that should be included in the list of statuses that make that funnel stage get set.

Example 2

An org has a post opportunity funnel stage called SQO which is set when the opportunity Stage field is set to certain values. The org now wants to add a new opportunity stage called ‘Final Step’ that should also cause the funnel stage SQO to be set. The funnel stage configuration will need to be edited so that any of these opportunity stages will now trigger the funnel stage to be updated. In the example below, the Rules Defined section would need to be modified to include the new additional Opportunity Stage of Final Step:

Please file a ticket with the Full Circle Customer Success team to help plan a funnel update. 


Within the Reactivation settings, a status change may require updating the reactivation configurations.  There are two ways this may happen; that can be broken out by whether the new/changed status value is active or not active.

Adding an active status value:

If a new active status is added in an organization that is using Active Status Reactivation within passive mode to insert new or activate existing campaigns when a user updates the lead or contact status to an active status, it’s likely that the new active status would need to be added to the list of statuses triggering reactivation, and configured as the other active status values are.

For example, if adding a new active status value called Working between Open and Qualified that should trigger reactivation, a new section would need to be set up for that, looking something like this:

Adding an inactive status value:

For all types of reactivation scenarios, there is a selection panel (see example below) allowing the system administrator to choose which Response Status values of non active responses can be reopened (reactivated). Keeping in mind that the Response Status values map to lead and contact status values, when adding a new inactive value such as Nurturing, it’s likely that it should be added to the list of status values that can be reactivated. If adding a value such as No Longer at Company, or Competitor, it may not make sense to allow campaign members with those Response Statuses to reactivate.

FCCRM Score Threshold

Most organizations are using a field called FCCRM Threshold on the lead and contact to evaluate whether/when the lead/contact becomes qualified. In rare instances, a different field may be used in the scoring configuration. Please check the Scoring page of the Response Management configurations if there is a question as to what field is being used to qualify leads and contacts, and if a different field is in use then the following will apply to that field rather the Full Circle field:

This field contains a formula that helps Response Management understand when a lead or contact should ‘open’ or become ‘active’. This formula generally looks at marketing automation score fields but can sometimes reference status values as well.

For example, if the status is Disqualified, the formula will reflect that this record should get -100 points and therefore never become open/active. 

If a new status is added called “Junk” that should have the same -100, this will need to be added to the formula, for example:

/*the value in this field is compared against the configured Full Circle CRM engagement score*/
/*modify this formula as your company's engagement threshold changes*/
IF(ISPICKVAL(Status, "Disqualified"),-100,
IF(ISPICKVAL(Status, "Junk"),-100,
IF(Lead_Score__c > 30, 100, 0)))

The process for adding a new status value, removing a value, or modifying a value should include checking this formula field on both the lead and contact to see if the field formula will need to be updated.

Workflow Rules and Workflow Field Updates

A review of any workflow rules and field updates that use status values should be conducted to see if the new status/stage (or deleted, or modified status/stage) should be added, removed, edited, etc.

Status Reason field

Many companies will use a status reason or similar field to understand why an engagement was ended. Frequently used status reason values would be Lost to Competition, No Budget, Not Ready, Contact Left Company, etc. Response Management then allows for these reasons to be synced to a corresponding campaign member field for reporting. 

There are several things to check regarding this field. First, if the status reason field itself is being updated, please review the Sync Fields page in the Response Management configurations to see if the field is being synced from lead/contact to campaign member. 

If it is being synced, then check the Status Reason field on the campaign member to see if it is a text field vs. a picklist field. If it’s a picklist, the new value should be added. If a value is being removed, the value can remain on the campaign member field picklist for legacy reporting. It can be deactivated if needed. No changes are needed if the field has a data type of text.

If a new picklist value is being added to the lead/contact status field(s) that has a disposition usage, then the field dependency settings will need to be revisited. If desired, the new status value may be linked as needed to specific status reasons. Example:

Nurture Timeout

If using the Nurture Timeout functionality, which evaluates status and/or status reason values, and adding a disposition type of status (for example Disqualified, Junk, Recycle, or Nurture) it may be necessary to include the new status in the Nurture Timeout workflows and field updates. 

Please refer to the Response Management Implementation document (google spreadsheet) on the tab ‘Custom Fields-Workflow’ that was shared from Full Circle during the deployment process to see if there are Nurture Timeout workflows and field updates and what they were named.

The workflow rules built during deployment are typically named called Set Nurture Timeout. Other ways to locate the workflows and workflow field updates is to search all workflow field update rules on leads and contacts that set the Nurture timeout field (FCRM__FCR_Nurture_Timeout__c), or click the Where is this used? button to see any workflow rules, field updates, or flow that update this field.

Current Stage in Funnel, Current Stage in Funnel Date

The Current Stage in Funnel and Current Stage in Funnel Date are campaign member fields used in reports. These fields are formula fields that only need to be updated when adding a new non-active status to the Campaign Member Response Status Picklist field. Each formula contains a list of all of the inactive status values so that if the campaign member is inactive the formula will evaluate to ‘Not Active in Funnel’. 

The fields should be edited by adding any new inactive values to the top area of the formula, for example, a typical formula for the Current Stage in Funnel will look like this:

 And to adjust it for a new inactive value, add the new value in it’s own line. If adding the value “Recycled” for instance, the new line would be 

ISPICKVAL(FCRM__FCR_Response_Status__c, "Recycled" ),

Added below the line ending in “Legacy”:

The same change needs to be made to the Current Stage in Funnel Date field.

Response: formula fields on Lead and Contact

In an org that is running in active mode, Response Management uses a field labeled Response: on the lead and contact to indicate whether there is an active campaign member associated with the lead/contact. If there is, the graphic will display Has Campaign or Has Response, and if there is not, the graphic will display Add Campaign or Add Response. 

Example of record with an active campaign:

This indicates to the user that they will need to use the response prompt to add a campaign to the lead or contact before the status can be progressed.

The formula for the field should look similar to this:

IF (
OR( /*inactive status values*/
ISPICKVAL( FCRM__FCR_Status__c , "Not Engaged"),
ISPICKVAL( FCRM__FCR_Status__c , "Disqualified"),
ISPICKVAL( FCRM__FCR_Status__c , "Nurture")),
IMAGE("/resource/1507680823000/fccrm_Add_Campaign_Image","Add a Campaign",16,180),
IF (ISPICKVAL( FCRM__FCR_Status__c , "Active Opportunity"), /*active opportunity status value */
IMAGE("/resource/1507680824000/fccrm_Additional_Response_Image","Additional Opportunity Requires Response",16,180),IMAGE("/resource/1507680824000/fccrm_Has_Campaign_Image","Has Campaign",16,180)))

The formula evaluates the status to determine what graphic to display. All inactive status values will lead to the Add Campaign/Add Response graphic and by default any other status (other than Active Opportunity on a contact) will display Has Campaign/Has Response.

When adding or changing inactive status values on the lead or contact, they should be added to the top section of this formula. Active status value additions or updates will not require a change to this formula, nor will any status update in an org running in passive mode.

General audit (Process Builder, custom code, other field formulas, marketing automation program updates)

We recommend that in addition to testing in a sandbox, a customer reviews the need to make changes to status related changes that may or may not influence Full Circle Response Management functionality. Some places that should be audited are:

  • Process Builder Flows
  • Custom code
  • FIeld formulas
  • Workflow Rules/Field updates
  • Marketing Automation Program configurations 
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