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Score Reactivation

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Understand how the Score Reactivation works
  • Understand the business value of reactivating campaigns via Score Reactivation



Score Reactivation utilizes a workflow to monitor score increments that trigger a field update on leads or contacts. This field update will be the reactivation event. When score threshold is met, it can be configured to activate a previous campaign response within a certain timeframe or add a default campaign response.


Business Value

Score reactivation is useful for companies that fall into either of these two categories:

1) They cannot guarantee that their marketing automation will update a Lead score prior to creation of the corresponding Campaign Member


2) The company requires follow-up on Leads that meets threshold due to non-campaign activity (e.g. website/email clicks).

When turned on, Score Reactivation will reactivate a recent campaign or insert a default campaign (if no eligible response is found) when the Lead/Contact score goes from ‘below threshold’ to ‘above threshold’ and update the corresponding campaign member to an MQL (active response). Changes to Lead/Contact score are updated by your marketing automation application.

Example Use Cases:

  • A Lead/Contact responds to a Campaign but the Lead/Contact’s score is below threshold at the time of the response. Moments later the score increments above threshold. The reactivation scenario in this case would reactivate the most recent Campaign
  • A Lead/Contact currently has a score below threshold, but visits the website and/or clicks on emails that result in Lead/Contact’s score breaking threshold. There is no recent campaign activity. The reactivation scenario in this case would insert a default “Web Activity” or “Score Threshold” Campaign Member.


1. A lead Dina Baker has a lead score of 50 and responds to a marketing campaign. The Response Status goes to 'Resolved - No Action Required' because Dina does not meet the lead score threshold (60).

2. Dina makes some clicks on the website which increment her lead score to 60. Score Reactivation detects this score change and activates the marketing campaign that was created in Step 1. Despite there not being a response created for the website clicks, Score Reactivation ensures there is a funnel to track by activating a previous response.


How it Works

Score Reactivation Flowchart


The 'Set Admin Score Increment' Workflow Rule monitors the score field on inactive Leads/Contacts for any changes that go above the MQL score threshold. Once this is triggered, reactivation will reactivate a recent campaign or insert a default campaign.

Set Admin Score Increment Workflow Rule



This reactivation scenario supports:

  • Delay before searching for a response
  • Timeframe to look for an eligible response
  • Reactivation of a recent response
  • Insertion of a single default campaign response


How to Implement

1. In the left-hand column search bar search for Installed Packages


2. Click Configure next to 'Full Circle Response Management' package


3. Click Reactivation.


4. Next to 'Score Reactivation' click Edit


5. Select Yes to enable score reactivation. Set the Admin Score Increment field to be the triggers on the Contact and/or Lead.



6. Set a delay (in minutes) to ensure there is ample time for the Marketing Automation Platform to sync a response. 

Set the number of Days to indicate how far back to look for responses to consider for reactivation. Full Circle recommends looking back no more than 30 days but this number will depend on the business use case which varies from customer to customer.


7. Select the Response Status values that will be considered eligible for reactivation on the left and move them to the right. This should typically include:

  • Resolved - Already Engaged
  • Resolved - No Action Required
  • response statuses that indicate a disposition (Optional)


8. Configure the Default Campaign as shown below.


Copy and paste your Default Campaign's record ID and select Responded. *Note that you will need to create your Default Campaign prior to configuring this section.


9. Select the fields that should be set if blank, which should be the MQL and MQL Date fields.clipboard_e67cfa7c30b282ac04a38941b60d3f1ea.png

10. Click Save and Close to save your changes. Congratulations, Score Reactivation is now configured and enabled. Remember to always test in a sandbox!


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