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Reactivation Overview

Reactivation Overview

Reactivation scenarios can be configured to manage the tracking of a funnel due to events that fall outside of the normal response processing data flow. A reactivation scenario listens for a triggering condition and based on that triggering condition, finds a response in the campaign history on a Lead/Contact to make into an active response or inserts a default campaign member to make into an active response. Reactivation scenarios generate active responses in order to track the funnel and ensure the correct Campaigns receive credit for engagements with Leads/Contacts and the resulting Opportunities.


How it Works

Response Management evaluates qualification when the campaign member is associated, so MQL/active response criteria must be on the lead or contact before the campaign member is created/added. But what if the score had not been updated yet and the lead was not qualified when the member was added? This can happen because score programs may take longer to process than the time it takes to add a campaign member response. In this case, Response Management will determine that the response should not drive a new engagement/funnel, because the score is still below qualification threshold, and will set the Response Status to Resolved - No Action Required. End of processing. However when the score comes in 20 minutes later, that score increment event does not cause Response Management to re-evaluate recent responses and track an new engagement and funnel. With the Score Reactivation Scenario you can now specify that this event should drive a new funnel engagement.

Response Management offers 4 different Reactivation Scenarios that can be configured for your org:

  • Response Prompt Reactivation: Select which response prompt campaigns trigger reactivation of a recent response instead of inserting the response prompt selected.
  • Score Reactivation: Use workflow to monitor score increments trigger a field update on leads or contacts. This field update will be the reactivation event for Score Reactivation.
  • Process Builder Reactivation: Use the Process Builder to monitor events on Tasks, Leads or Contacts to trigger reactivation for a related record.
  • Active Status Reactivation: Companies in passive mode can use this reactivation scenario to reactivate responses when a lead or contact status is updated from inactive to active.

A Reactivation Scenario generates active responses in order to track the funnel and ensure that the correct campaigns receive credit for engagements with individuals and the resulting opportunities. The scenarios consist of a set of rules based on a defined event that may do the following:

  • search back for a previous response to make the active response
  • search back and turn a non-response into an active response
  • insert a default campaign response

A Reactivation Scenario is comprised of some or all of the following configuration elements:

  1. Configurable rules to understand a reactivation 'event'
  2. Wait period before triggering reactivation
  3. Look back time period to find a recent response to tie to an engagement and track a new funnel
  4. Ability to insert default campaign responses if a recent response is not identified to track a new funnel
  5. Ability to trigger sync on update fields
  6. Ability to trigger Assignment
  7. Ability to trigger notifications

A response is considered eligible for reactivation if at least one of the following are true:

  • Has not been reactivated before•Has a ”Response Status” configured as eligible in the reactivation scenario
  • Falls within the timeframe configured in the reactivation scenario


General Reactivation Scenario Flowchart



What are the benefits of this feature?

In addition to a scoring event, companies may have other business processes that should be monitored to determine if a new funnel engagement should begin. Reactivation Scenarios will cover most if not all of the use-cases and will remove the burden of custom code.


When to use this feature?

Use this feature to support business processes that require monitoring events that may occur after a campaign member is inserted, or when an event occurs independently of a campaign member response insertion. It it advised to read about each Reactivation Scenario to understand how and which scenario may apply to your organization.

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