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Opportunity Association Using the Admin Response Control field

Admin Response Control Opportunity Association

Sometimes an organization determines that they want to move the funnel metrics and primary campaign to a different response (campaign member). It's also possible they want to associate a response to an opportunity that currently does not have a response associated. Many of these types of updates can be speeded up using the campaign member field Admin Response Control.

The PDF document has instructions on how to do this using the Admin Response Control field. Video demonstrations are included.

Start here
Download the PDF here:

Video Demos
1. Overview: 5:45 Minutes

2. Simple Association with Admin Response Control 8. 9:25 Minutes

3. Response Swapping. 14:10 Minutes

4. Advanced association with repeat insertion using the developer console. 17.13 Minutes

5. Swapping Responses for different contacts. 4:28 Minutes

The Admin Response Control codes are also available to reference with Apex. The developer reference is here.