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Full Circle Insights

The Campaign Member

Key Fields

Response Date

Date response was created

Funnel fields and dates

Checkbox fields and date fields that are set on the active response as a lead/contact progresses through the funnel (ex. MQL & MQL Date)

Funnel Velocity fields

Number of days between funnel progression (ex. MQL to SAL)

Campaign name (Repeat Parent)

Allows you to report on the original campaign that generated repeats

View Response

Direct link to view campaign member record

Net New Name

When a response is created and a new lead or contact is generated within a timeframe (60 minutes)


Checkbox field that indicates whether the response is or was opened or not.

Funnel Stage Fields and Dates Example

Funnel Stage Velocity and "Still In" Fields Example

Sync Fields

Additionally, you can choose to sync any field from the Contact/Lead to the Campaign Member for your reporting requirements. See the diagram below for a visual of how data flows.

The difference between a Sync field vs Formula field:

A sync field is a custom field on the Campaign Member that syncs the corresponding field from the Lead/Contact when a Campaign Member is created or updated. It is a snapshot in time of that field and behaves like a Salesforce workflow where the trigger is Campaign Member being created or updated. This is different from a formula field, which will always point to what the formula is referencing.

Below is an example configuration for some sync fields on the Lead:

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