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Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Reporting Fields Glossary


Campaign Sourced By: What department is driving this campaign

Cost Per Response: Actual Cost / Number of Responses

Exclude from Reactivation: Does this campaign allow reactivation

Repeat Responses Allowed: Does this campaign allow repeat responses


Campaign Member

Actionable: Is or was response ever active?

Campaign Name (Repeat Parent) Parent campaign of Repeat campaign

Converted Lead Is Response connected to Converted Lead?

Current Lead/Contact Status Current status of associated Lead/Contact

Current Stage in Funnel Current stage of active funnel (or Not Active)

Current Stage in Funnel Date Date attained for the current funnel stage

FCCRM Threshold (Current) The current qualification score of response (100 or 0)

FCCRM Threshold (On Create) The qualification score when response was created

Inquiry* Responded to a campaign (Generally Marketing)

Inquiry Date* Date of Inquiry

Lead Score (On Create) Lead Score at time of Response creation

Lead Score (On Update) Lead Score at time of last update to active response

Lead Source Lead Source (from Lead/Contact)

Lost Reason Reason for Lost Opportunity associated to member

Member Type On Create Type of member when created (Lead or Contact)

MQL* Marketing Qualified Response

MQL Date* Date of MQL

MQL to SAL* Number of days between MQL and SAL Dates

MQL to Won* Number of days between MQL and Opp Closed/Won

Name Created Date Date the associated Lead/Contact was created

Net New Name Did this campaign generate New Lead/Contact

Opportunity Amount Amount of associated Opportunity

Opportunity Closed Is associated Opportunity Closed?

Opportunity Closed Date Date associated Opportunity Closed

Opportunity Closed Won Is associated Opportunity Closed/Won?

Opportunity Create Date Date associated Opportunity Created

Opportunity Name Opportunity associated to member

Opportunity Stage Stage of associated Opportunity

Opportunity Type Type of associated Opportunity

Reactivation Date Date Response was Reactivated (if not blank)

Response Date Date member became a response

Response Score Total Score of the response when created

Response Status Current or final engagement status of response

SAL* Sales Accepted Lead

SAL Date* Date of SAL

SAL to SQL* Number of Days between SAL and SQL Dates

SQL* Sales Qualified Lead

SQL Date* Date of SQL

SQL to Won* Number of Days between SQL and Opp Closed/Won

SRL Sales Rejected Lead  (Or Disqualified)

SRL Date Date Lead was Rejected/Disqualified

Status Reason Disposition reason for members dropping out of funnel

Threshold QR Was response qualified?

View Response Direct link to Campaign member

Won Did Response result in Won Deal

* Funnel fields - definitions and labels can be different for each customer



Admin Score Increment Audit Date Score fields were changed (for Score Reactivation)

FCCRM Threshold Qualification Score of Lead (0 or 100)

Nurture Timeout Date after lead can have qualified response (if using)

Response Score Score of Lead at time of most recent response

Status Reason Disposition reason for being disqualified/nurtured



Admin Originating Contact Contact Opportunity created from

First Campaign Touch First campaign response from Admin Originating Contact

Last Campaign Touch Last response before Opp creation (on admin contact)

Response ID Campaign Member ID for response that drove MQL

Velocity Won Days between Opp create and close (for Won deals)


Campaign Influence Detail

Account Account related to Influence Entry

Campaign Campaign related to Influence Entry

Campaign (Repeat Parent) Cascade Parent for rollup of repeat campaigns

Closed Op Revenue Model[1,2,3] Closed Won Revenue based on the model [1,2 or 3]

Contact Contact related to Influence Entry

Days Before Opportunity Close Days between Opp Close and Response Date

Days Before Opportunity Create Days between Opp Create and Response Date

Has Influence Model [1,2,3] Influence entry is a contribution from model [1,2, or 3]

Lost Opp Revenue Model [1,2,3] Revenue for Lost Opps based on model [1,2, or 3]

Open Opp Revenue Model [1,2,3] Revenue for Open Opps based on model [1,2, or 3]

Opportunity Opportunity related to Influence Entry

Opportunity Stage Stage at time of influenced entry (or Pre-Opportunity)

Opportunity Timeframe “Pre - Opportunity” or “Opportunity”  (During)

Response Date Date of Influenced Response

Response ID Member ID of Influenced Response

Response Status Engagement status of Influenced Response

Total Op Revenue Model[1,2,3] Total Revenue (Open, Lost, Closed) Influenced on model

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