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Common Report Formulas: Cost per MQL (or any funnel stage)

Create a custom Cost per MQL report

This is an example on how to create a custom Cost per MQL(or any funnel stage) report formula. The general formula is:

(Actual Cost of Campaign)/(Total # of MQLs)

In this example, we will create a report formula within a Salesforce report. For simplification, we will be using the standard ‘Actual Cost of Campaign’ field on the Campaign but feel free to substitute this with whatever field that will be used to track the cost of Campaigns. Though this tutorial is for Cost per MQL, it can be replicated for any funnel stage by replacing the api name references of the MQL stage.

Step by Step Tutorial in SFDC

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click New Report
2. Create a new ‘Campaigns with Campaign Members’ reports Second Step


3. Change the format to Summary Format

4. Click Add Formula to create a custom report formula

5. Populate fields as follows:

General Formula:
(Actual Cost)/(Total # of MQLs)

SFDC Report Formula:
IF(CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_QR__c:SUM>0, ACTUAL_COST:SUM/CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_QR__c:SUM,NULL)


Cost per MQL

The report formula is now saved and added as the last column in the report. Additional columns can be added to this report per reporting needs.

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