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Common Report Formulas: Conversion Rate between 2 Funnel Stages

Create a custom Conversion rate report

This is an example on how to create a custom conversion rate report between any 2 funnel stages (or milestones). In this example we will create a report formula that will tell us the percentage of MQLs that have progressed to SAL. Although this tutorial is for the ‘MQL to SAL’ conversion rate, it can be replicated to report on the conversion rate from any funnel stage/milestone to another.

The general formula is:

(Number of SALs) / (Number of MQLs)

Step by Step Tutorial in SFDC

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click New Report
2. Create a new ‘Campaigns with Campaign Members’ reports Second Step


3. Change the format to Summary Format

4. Click Add Formula to create a custom report formula

5. Populate fields as follows:

General Formula:
(Sum of SALs) / (Sum of MQLs)


SFDC Report Formula: 
IF(CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_QR__c:SUM > 0, CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_SAR__c:SUM / CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_QR__c:SUM,0)


Conversion rate (progressed)

Alternatively, the customer may want to report on the progressed conversion rate which excludes records that are still in the MQL funnel stage. This gives the conversion rate for records that have either progressed to a further stage or have been dispositioned. Response Management includes ‘Still in’ fields (ie: Still in MQL) for reporting purposes. See the diagram on the right for a visual explanation on the difference between Conversion (All) and Conversion (Progressed).

For MQL to SAL progressed conversion rate, the general formula is:

(# of SALs) / (# of MQLs - # of Still in MQL)


General Formula:
(# of SALs) / (# of MQLs - # of Still in MQL)

SFDC Report Formula:
IF(CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_QR__c:SUM > 0, CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_SAR__c:SUM / (CampaignMember.FCRM__FCR_QR__c:SUM - CampaignMember.CFCR_Still_in_MQL__c),0)


MQL to SAL Conversion Rate 

The report formula is now saved and added as the last column in the report. Additional columns can be added per reporting needs.

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