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Common Dashboard Filters

Add filters to the Dashboard

Full Circle comes with standard Dashboards populated with data based on the reports in the underlying components. The customer may want to view and slice the data in different ways or time periods. You can either view the underlying reports and filter those. Or you can also apply dashboard filters to view all of the components with the same filter. Below are some common examples.

Evaluating Dashboard: Filter by “Opportunity Created Date”

This dashboard comes with no filters so it displays all of the Opportunity Influence data based on the configured Campaign Influence models. You may want to only view the data from a specific date or period. To do that, you can create a filter by Opportunity Create Date.

1. Open Evaluating Dashboard and click “Edit”

2. Click the “Add Filter” button as below:

3. Search for Opportunity Create Date:

4. Add a range or ranges to filter by, using the filter options as below. In this example, we’ve created a filter for Opportunities created in Q3 2018:

5. Save and Close.  Now you can select and filter the dashboard by the date range applied!

Planning Dashboard:  Filter by “Campaign Sourced By”

This dashboard comes with no filters and displays all the funnel data and metrics from past 12 months. You may want to be able to slice the data by the Group who drove the campaign (Marketing, Sales, Partner, etc). To do this, you’d add a filter for campaign sourced by.

1. Open Planning dashboard and click “edit”

2. Click “Add Filter” and search for Campaign Sourced By as below:

3. Configure and select the values for each picklist option to filter by as below:

Enter the display text in the “Value” column and use lookup to select the value, and repeat for all filter options.

4. Close and save.  Now you can filter the Planning dashboard by Campaign Sourced By!

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