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New customers deploying Response Management from April 1, 2017 onwards will receive this reports and dashboards package as part of the implementation.  Existing customers interested in this package should log a case on the Full Circle Community to arrange to have the package installed.

Accessing Reports and Dashboards

Full Circle Response Management includes Salesforce Reports and Dashboards that have been customized to your organization. These reports and dashboards can be accessed in the same way as other native Salesforce Reports and Dashboards. If you would like a refresher on how to use, access, and customize reports in Salesforce consider going through this trailhead module

The reports and dashboards that are part of the "Dash" reporting package described in this section are contained in the following report folders:

Full Circle Report Templates (MMF)

This folder contains reports that are intended to be used as templates. All of the reports used in the 4 category dashboards are based on variations of the reports in this folder. 

Pay close attention to the report description, which can be used with search to filter and quickly find specific reports or metrics. 

These are a great starting point for customization, for some guidance on customization be sure to read the customization guide

Full Circle Dashboard Reports (MMF)

The Dashboard report folder contains variations on the reports found in the Template directory that are referenced in the Planning, Achieving, Optimizing, and Evaluating dashboards. 

Changes to reports in this folder will also impact the corresponding dashboard, the Report name can be used to identify which dashboard the report is referenced in. 

Full Circle Dashboards (MMF)

The dashboard folder contains the Planning, Achieving, Optimizing, and Evaluating dashboards. 

Navigation Tips

To make it easy to find what you are looking for we have included categories and descriptions, which can be easily searched. For example if I navigate to the Report Templates folder and search for Evaluating I would see all of the reports that are included in the Evaluating category. 

Report Permission Best Practice

We recommend always saving a copy of these reports rather than modifying them directly, that way you can always use them as a reference in the future.

We suggest only granting write access to users who will manage the reports to avoid accidentally saving changes to the report.

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