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Introduction to Dashboard Categories

Marketing's scope of responsibilities continues to increase—while the tools to help surface actionable insights are not on pace with all the added responsibilities. Marketers need help cutting through all the noise on their way to focused, prioritized metrics that help them make valuable business contributions.

Full Circle Insights’ Marketing Dash Package was developed to provide a structured set of reporting dashboards and a day-to-day framework to operationalize marketing measurement.

In a typical “day-in-the-life,” a marketer has four main categories of focus: Planning, Achieving, Optimizing, and Evaluating. The Marketing Dash Package has been developed by thinking first about marketers' day-in-the-life needs, and then providing the metrics, reports and dashboards to most effectively meet those needs. 

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Following is a brief overview of each dashboard category—plus real world use case examples on how today's most successful marketers are using the metrics provided in each dashboard.


Key metrics needed to effectively plan tomorrow's marketing activities

  • Use Case: Planning the annual marketing plan (sometimes referred to as “reverse waterfall”)
  • Use Case: Evaluating where and how to best reduce budget or allocate a budget surplus

Documentation: Using the Planning Dashboard


At-a-glance key performance metrics relative to marketing goals

  • Use Case: Are MQL volume goals being achieved?
  • Use Case: Are we meeting our SQL conversion rate goal?

Documentation: Using the Achieving Dashboard


Priority operational metrics for marketers—including sales rep and lead quality insights

  • Use Case: For month-to-month MQL-to-SQL conversion and velocity rates, are there certain patterns? Are things staying the same or changing over time? 
  • Use Case: How are sales reps dispositioning their leads? Are different patterns emerging? 

Documentation: Using the Optimizing Dashboard


Focused metrics to help evaluate strategic program performance and contributions to the organization.

  • Use Case: What is the impact of Marketing’s campaigns? Are certain campaigns yielding better deal sizes, conversion rates, velocity rates and/or revenue? 
  • Use Case: How are campaigns performing relative to one another? 

Documentation: Using the Evaluating Dashboard


Each dashboard's metrics provide powerful, actionable insights—based specifically on day-in-the-life activities and needs of today's most successful marketers.  



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