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Onboarding Overview


Designed to get you up and running with Response Management, the Onboarding implementation service is performed by Full Circle team members in collaboration with the customer project team to tailor the solution for your company.  We follow a standard methodology to successfully deploy Response Management to your organization.

During Onboarding we ask you to describe your business process and so that we can understand and define your requirements.  Next we propose how Response Management will best solve your company’s challenges to support funnel and campaign attribution performance.  We stage the solution in your sandbox so that the customer team can test, validate and share internally.  Once the solution is validated, we proceed to deploy the solution in your production org.




FCI Deliverables

Knowledge transfer

Sales team transfers information about your business to the customer success team.

Kickoff Call

A 30 minute call for introductions, overview of the project structure and scheduling of business process review sessions

Customer Responsibility

Kickoff Call

Engage your team and ensure all relevant members of your team are on the call.

Team members to include:

  • Project Lead
  • Administrator
  • Marketing Automation Administrator
  • Marketing and Sales Operations Stakeholder(s)





FCI Deliverables

Gather Requirements:  Business Process Review sessions (approximately 8 hours) to understand current marketing to sales handoffs, campaign usage, funnel and campaign attribution measurement, marketing automation synchronization with Salesforce and data quality.  Based on these details the Full Circle team will propose and stage a solution using the Response Management framework.

Data: During the business process reviews, we review the condition of data in your production org so that upon go live, we have as complete funnel metrics as possible.  As part of the process we frequently recommend items for clean up, some of which can be performed in advance by the customer and the rest of which will be performed by Full Circle during the deploy stage.


Customer Responsibility

Active Participation:  Review presentations on Response Management basic concepts.  Complete Onboarding workbook prior to business process reviews.  The workbook asks a series of questions designed to surface key information about your current org and process set up.





FCI Deliverables

Based on requirements, we will stage the solution in your sandbox for review and validation.

Customer Responsibility

Be available for questions and review. 




FCI Deliverables

We will provide test scenarios for you to validate.

Customer Responsibility

Take ownership for testing and validation of staged solution

Make any identified and agreed upon data modification changes, i.e. deactivate users no longer with the company.





FCI Deliverables

Installation: We will deploy the tool in your production.

Data Adjustment: We'll ensure all Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities currently active* in the funnel have complete funnel tracking (*does not include historical funnel tracking on Leads/Contacts not currently active in the funnel)

Customer Responsibility

Data Adjustment: Leads/Contacts not active in the funnel should be dispositioned as such. Leads and contact statuses may also need to updated to reflect the status values defined during the business process review. Campaign Members may need to be adjusted prior to implementing Response Management (e.g. moving non-responses to responses and vice versa). 





FCI Deliverables

Training: We will train your end-users on new data and fields, app configuration, and reports content (fields, application processing). We will also leave you with a hand-off document with training content for new team members. (Up to 5 hours total).

Customer Responsibility

Training: All relevant team members should attend the training sessions to ensure maximum knowledge transfer. 

Customer Success Contact

Do you need assistance or have questions? Contact our Customer Success team by logging a case in the Full Circle Customer Success Community.

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