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Status Mapping

Status Mapping 

Lead & Contact Status Values

Salesforce has always allowed you to track progress through a Lead lifecycle using the standard Lead Status field. Response Management adds a custom Contact Status field to track progress from Lead through conversion to Contact. Lead and Contact Status values are synchronized with a field on the Campaign Member object called “Response Status”.  Each Lead/Contact Status value is configured as Active or Inactive in this Response Management configuration section. Active responses are used to measure and monitor funnel velocity, conversion and volume.

To establish a funnel, first Lead and Contact Status values are defined.  These are also designated as Inactive or Active.  Here is an example from Spiral, Inc.'s org.

Lead_Status_mapping 2017-02-07.png

This mapping is visible in the UI on the Campaign Member field Response Status.  Here is how it looks in Spiral's org:

Response Status 2017-02-07.png

As a result of the mapping and the synchronization between the lead/contact and the campaign member, these statuses are progressed as the user manipulates the standard Lead Status and either customer or Full Circle package field, Contact Status.  You will note that there are some statuses that do not map to the lead/contact status as these are set by the application upon certain conditions.  These are the most frequent ones plus the related conditions.  Some orgs have additional custom values; you can check your project documentation to see what was set up for you.

  • Qualified - New Opportunity:  this label can vary by org, sometimes it is labeled "Active Opportunity" or "Active Opportunity - System Use".  This value is set when an opportunity is created from the related contact.  When the opportunity is closed, the value will be set to the default "not engaged" status to indicate that there is no active engagement in progress.
  • Resolved - Already Engaged: this label is applied when there is already an active response related to a different campaign.  Th sales user will not be notified to engage on this response because they are already working with the prospect/customer in relation to an earlier campaign member response.
  • Resolved - No Action Required: this applies when the related lead/contact did not meet threshold for engagement either because the score was not high enough or nurture timeout applies.
  • Resolved - Opportunity Lost: the opportunity created from the related contact was set to closed/lost.
  • Resolved - Opportunity Won: the opportunity created from the related contact was set to close/won.
  • Resolved – Existing Opportunity: only applicable to the Lightning Experience, set when a lead with an active response is converted to a contact and an existing opportunity is selected during conversion.
Lead/Contact Default Status

You can specify the appropriate status you want applied by default for leads or contacts upon record creation, campaign member response applied, opportunity won, or lost.


Conversion Default Status

Specify the initial status falues under certain conditions or after certain activities in Full Circle Insight Response management

Default Active Status Overrides

You can override the default active status set on the lead or contact when a response becomes active based on the campaign source by value on the campaign. When "--- Use Default ---" is selected the value specified in Lead/Contact default status for status after response will be used.

To use the Default Active Status Overrides, you must check "Disable First Owner Setting" in Advanced Configuration.

These mappings override the "Lead status after response" and "Contact status after response", based on the campaign sourced by value. They apply when a response become active, during Response Management scoring. These overrides will work with the Response Prompt UI, and in the following Reactivation scenarios:

  • Response Prompt Reactivation: When Response Prompt Reactivation is configured and used, and will be based on the campaign sourced by value of the campaign selected in the Response Prompt UI, not the value of the campaign being reactivated.
  • Process Builder Reactivation: Within the Process Builder Reactivation there is a configuration called "Lead and Contact Status to Set". When set to Yes, these overrides will apply. When set to No, the overrides within the Process Builder Reactivation configuration will apply

These overrides will not work with the following Reactivation scenarios:

  • Score Reactivation
  • Active Status Reactivation

Conversion Overrides

You can override the default status of a contact when converted without an opportunity based on the lead status selected during conversion. The lead status must be configured as converted in the Lead Status Picklist. 

When "--- Use Default --" is selected - the contact will be set to the value configured for "Contact status when converted with no Opportunity" (default above) or overrides by record type (below).
Active Status Overrides

Active Status Overrides

The configuration below applies to status values configured as active (Active Checkbox is selected) in the status mapping section of this page.

Inactive Status Overrides

This configuration applies to status values configured as inactive (Active checkbox is NOT selected) in the status mapping section of this configuration page. The ‘Overwrite on Merge’ checkbox, if selected, will overwrite the contact status when a lead is merged into an existing contact, if the contact has an inactive status. This selection is not available when using the default contact status on conversion without opportunity.
In configuring this section be sure to consider any required picklist values after conversion and how they will affect the user if not populated.

Status Mapping Overrides

Status mapping overrides allows you to override the default status mapping values based on record type.

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