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Response Prompts

Response Prompts

If you choose to operate your org in Active or Hybrid mode your sales organization will be required to create an active response on a lead or contact in order to engage them.  This means they will associate a lead/contact with a campaign using Response Management’s response prompt selector, a Visualforce page placed in the lead/contact page layout.   The response prompt selectors displays campaigns that can be selected.  

Response Prompts campaigns must be configured with the following settings:

  • Always Qualified

  • Bypass Nurture timeout is true

  • May allow repeats

  • May switch a non-response to a response

  • May have filtered views

To view the configuration, navigate to the Response Management admin console and click on Response Prompts.

Response Prompt Display - When checked, the response prompt will be unavailable when a Lead or Contact has an Active Response. Use this to prevent Sales reps from associating additional responses to an active Lead/Contact. This setting applies to all active responses including those associated to opportunities. To enable the display when the only responses on a contact are associated to opportunities, go to the Contact Response Rules Section on the Response Processing configuration page.

Response Prompt Mappings - this is where you designate which campaigns and what labels to apply when users in the lead or contact page, select a campaign against which to create an active campaign response.  You can assign whatever label you prefer and select the relevant campaign via the look up. 

You can apply filter conditions to limit the campaigns viewed by Campaign Owner Only, By User Role or By User Role & Subordinates.

Click Save and return to main.

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