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Funnel, Response Management 1.21 and prior

General Funnel Overview

Many companies use the lead, contact and opportunity objects to try to track what happened to a person from initial engagement to closed won/lost opportunity.  Response Management uses the campaign member object to create a measurable funnel.  Use of the campaign member makes it possible to report on outcomes from the time an individual is introduced to your organization as a lead, once they are converted to a contact, account and opportunity.

Users manage the lead status and a contact status field to indicate the status and disposition of an engagement. RM comes with a package field Contact Status" or can utilize a customer’s custom Contact Status field. The lead and contact status fields are synchronized with a field on the campaign member called “response status” which is used for tracking and reporting response statuses and engagement outcomes.  Additionally, Response Management is configured to update funnel stage and funnel stage attainment fields on the campaign member.  Configuration of the funnel is not visible in the console but rather is managed by the application and a number of workflows and custom fields that are implemented in the org.  

Out of the box, RM comes with this funnel:

Funnel Stage FC Managed Packaged Field Description/Criteria
Stage 1 Inquiry/Target Any response inserted to salesforce
Stage 2 MQR (usually re-labeled MQL) Any qualifying response that is actionable
Stage 3 SAR (usually re-labeled SAL) A response progresses beyond open to working
Stage 4 SQR (usually re-labeled SQL) Opportunity Creation
Stage 5 SQR Won (usually re-labeled Won) Opportunity Closed/Won

There are two ways to view the current managed package funnel configuration in RM configuration. The managed package fields may have the labels overridden but before they are overridden they appear like this:

Inquiry/Target         MQR/QT         SAR         SQR         SQR Won

In the Response Processing section of configuration if the Passing Opportunities checkbox is checked you can look and see which managed package funnel fields correspond to which Opportunity Stages. 

Passing Opportunities.jpg

If Passing Opportunities is not checked you can see how the funnel corresponds to status values in the Status Mappings configuration section, and the criteria below will apply: 

  • Inquiry/Target - Set when a responded campaign member record is created  
  • MQR/QT - Set when a lead/contact is score qualified and a responded campaign member is created. 
  • SAR - Set when a lead/contact is moved to a status configured as "Sales Accepted" in the status mappings configuration.        
  • SQR - Set when an Opportunity is created.
  • SQR Won - Set when an Opportunity is Closed - Won.

To see what custom funnel was set up for your company, reference the project documentation provided by your team.

Custom Funnel Stages

During an implementation, a customer may decide that they want to insert one or more custom funnel stages beyond the managed package stages to measure their activity.  These custom funnel stages are managed by creating workflows to capture the data on custom fields. There are usually two kinds of custom funnel stages that are set up in two different ways, pre-opportunity create stages and post-opportunity create stages.

Pre-Opportunity Create Stage  - a funnel stage that is tracking a moment of lead/contact progression prior to creating an opportunity. This is set with a campaign member workflow based on a lead/contact status progression. 

Custom Campaign Member Fields: Working, Working Date
Campaign Member Workflow Name: Set Working
Campaign Member Workflow Criteria: Response Status = Working & Working Date is blank.
Campaign Member Workflow Field Updates: Working = True & Working Date = Today()

Post-Opportunity Create Stage  - a funnel stage that is set based on opportunity stage or probability. 

Custom Opportunity Field: SQO Date
Opportunity Workflow Name: Set SQO
Opportunity Workflow Criteria: Probability >= 25% & SQO Date is blank.
Opportunity Workflow Field Update: SQO Date = Today()
Custom Campaign Member Formula Fields: SQO (true if SQO Date on the Opportunity is not blank), SQO Date (Displays the SQO Date on the Opportunity)

Funnel Data

The funnel is visible in the UI on the campaign member.


CM_Funnel 2017-02-07.png

You can report on these fields from reporting on the Campaign Member object. The recommended Report Type is Campaigns with Campaign Members.


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