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Nurture Timeout

Nurture Timeout

If a user dispositions a lead/contact to nurture or disqualified for a specific reason, you may want to keep the lead/contact from becoming active again.  For example a lead that is disqualified with the status reason of ‘competitor’ you might never want to re-qualify.  Alternatively if a lead is set to nurture with the status reason ‘no budget right now’ you might not want the lead to re-qualify until several months have passed, representing a reasonable time for budget to change. We can accomplish this by setting a date field on the lead or contact called Nurture Timeout based on status reason that specifies the time period during which  a lead or contact cannot re-qualify.   

  • Example 1: Status Reason: ‘Competitor’ sets the nurture timeout date to Today + five years
  • Example 2: Status Reason: ‘No budget right now’ sets the nurture timeout date to Today + three months

A lead or contact is not eligible to re-qualify until after the Nurture Timeout Date has passed. Re-qualification would take place if an individual performs an action that would trigger an MQL.

There is a field on the Campaign labeled Bypass Nurture Timeout, that if checked allows re-qualification of a lead or contact within the nurture timeout if they have responded to said campaign. Typically this is a high value campaign such as a contact us form or demo request.

It is important to understand this functionality in the context of status mappings.  The functionality supporting this is supported with workflow.  Here is an example of the Set Nurture Timeout workflow in the Spiral org.

SetNurtture field update2017-02-08.png

The field update appears below:

Set_Nurture timeout wf rule 2017-02-08 .png

To view the lead/contact nurture timeout rules that were set up in your org, navigate to Salesforce Setup > Workflow Rules. 

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