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Full Circle Insights

Event Logs

Event Logs 

The event logs page requires no initial configurations. We do recommend that you become familiar with it as a diagnostics tool as it will help us work together supporting Response Management.  At times there may be conflicts with new plug ins, new code, or other changes to the Salesforce org that will need to be adjusted.

Diagnostic Logs

Events captured in this log are not always a problem. The purpose of this log is visibility into something that may not be working as expected. For example, if a field used in configuration has been removed from the object, that will generate an error noted here. 

Exception Logs

Events shown in these logs indicate that FCRM was unable to complete a process, and are generally considered more critical, indicating a problem that could affect data integrity. 

For both types of event logs, a Download Log button is available under the shown items to download the full log for review.

We have included buttons to simplify sending event log notifications and limited system configuration information to the Full Circle development team. Please use these only if requested by your customer success person or a member of our development team 

Allow Automatic Notifications

Checking this will allow Full Circle Insights to collect data about errors and send this to the development team. No user, customer, or organization data is ever collected or sent. 

Clear Log Entries

Click this to clear out all existing log entries. You may wish to use this after resolving an issue to make it easier to see any recurring problems.

View Update Errors

Clicking this will open a report showing all Deferred Update Items.  This report is also available in the Check Reports Dashboard. Deferred Update Item (DUI) records get created when an update Response Management was trying to make to a lead, contact, or campaign member was blocked by another process. These records are being created in the background every day and then deleted once they get automatically reprocessed. There should be zero records in this dashboard component.  

If there are records listed here, it means that either the update hasn’t yet been re-attempted, or has failed to happen even after retrying, or that the update did happen but the DUI record did not get automatically deleted.

Please see the Check Reports Dashboard documentation for further detail on using this information to find and fix problems.

View Async Requests

Response Management uses asynchronous processing - a method for executing tasks in the background, when resources are available, without the user having to wait for the task to finish.  Response Management needs to configure a user to assign to this feature. The profile must be able to view and update all leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, campaigns, campaign members and Full Circle custom objects, and the user must be an active system administrator user. It should be updated if the selected user license is not being used or has been deactivated.

A stalled async request record is created by RM when the application is trying to make updates to records asynchronously (meaning with a delay of seconds or minutes), and it cannot complete the updates. Response Management will retry to process the tasks, but if there are stalled requests records building up in this report the cause should be investigated.


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