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Response Management 1.32.9 Release Notes


Release Schedule

Name Description Date
Sandbox Update All 1.36.X installs in Sandboxes will receive the update automatically 11/19/2019
Production Update All 1.36.X installs in production orgs will receive the update automatically 11/21/2019

Improvements & Fixes

Version 1.32.9 contains the following improvements and fixes. 

  • Digital Source Tracker - Fixed a URL parsing error, which prevented digital touch Campaign Members from being created. 
  • Fixed a deserialization error caused by invalid JSON within the Response Prompt Visualforce page, which prevented the Response Prompt from loading.
  • Fixed the Lightning Response Prompt date/time fields to respect the user locale.
  • Fixed the Lightning Response Prompt to respect label overrides that are part of the Response Management package.
  • Fixed a deserialization error caused by unexpected or invalid JSON within customizable funnels.
  • Fixed issue with the "New" Opportunity Lightning component, where the Admin Originating Contact on an Opportunity was getting populated in passive mode. When user created an Opportunity from a Contact and there was no active response, the field was getting populated. It is no longer getting populated.
  • Fixed an issue for some scenarios around Leads being merged into existing Contacts and existing Opportunities in Lightning Experience.
  • Introduced various CPU usage optimizations related to Reactivation scenarios.



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