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Full Circle Insights

Release Notes 1.30

Release Schedule

Name Description Date
Sandbox Upgrade All Response Management installs in Sandbox orgs will receive the update automatically April 17, 2019 @ 8pm
Production Upgrade All Response Management installs in production orgs will receive the update automatically April 24, 2019 @ 8pm

Customers will receive this release as an automatic push upgrade. Please note that automatic release updates will not effect existing Response Management functionality; opt in and configuration are required by customers before features are enabled. 


Release at a Glance

Enhancements Automatically visible to all users Requires administrator setup Contact Customer Success to Enable
Opportunity Association (BETA)   X  
Response Management is Lightning Ready N/A N/A N/A


Opportunity Association (BETA)

Opportunity Association is a beta feature. Please contact your CSM for more details, or provide feedback and suggestions from our Full Circle Insights Success Community.

We introduce Opportunity Association, which now gives organizations that couldn't previously get every Opportunity associated to a Campaign, the ability to extend Response Management's benefits to that subset of previously unmeasured deals.

Who: This feature benefits organizations that operate in a Hybrid or Passive organization, or has any situation where a notable amount of Opportunities are not associated with a Campaign and Campaign Member Response. This means you have circumstances where Opportunities are created with no Campaign (and Campaign Member Response) automatically associated.

Why: Previously, in these organizations, a subset of Opportunities could not have Response Management's attribution or funnel metrics tracked with it, due to intentional company processes or custom code unique to a customer's Salesforce implementation. Now Opportunity Association provides ways to automatically associate a Campaign Member Response to an Opportunity, when your sales team or Marketing Automation Platform won't.

Where: You can enable the feature at Main Configuration | General Configuration | Opportunity Association. Read the Opportunity Association section of the Configuration page.

Response Management is Lightning Ready

Response Management's Lightning components have all been upgraded to API version 43 and is now officially Lightning Ready.

Who: This update is for all existing and new customers using the Lightning Experience.

Why: As Salesforce continues to introduce more Lightning components that can act as building blocks for new functionality, the components have a minimum compatible API version requirement. This update ensures that existing and future Response Management functionality works in the Lightning Experience.