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Release Notes 1.07


This document highlights the new features & functionality that were a part of the 1.7 and 1.8 release of the Full Circle CRM Response
Management System. Complete functionality is available in the system administration guide.

Disable Response Prompt on Active Response

The system can be configured to disable the response prompts when there is an active response. This is useful for sales organizations to prevent
the addition of extraneous campaigns on contacts that may then later receive influence. To enable this feature, select the checkbox on the
Response Prompt Configuration page under Response Prompt Settings section.
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If this setting is TRUE, the response selector will be grayed out in the UI with the language (Selection Unavailable) next to it when there is an
existing active response.

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Response Prompt Member Update Behavior

If a response prompt campaign is selected and there is already a campaign membership associated to the same campaign that is a non-response,
it will be switched to a response and evaluated  accordingly.

For example:
If a person is added to an outbound call campaign as a non-response (i.e. the member status is ‘Sent’ and non-responded) and that same campaign
is available through the response prompt drop down – selecting the campaign will update the member to a response (i.e. a member status of
‘Responded’) and will process it (set it to open, or Resolved – Already Engaged). Response prompt campaigns are always considered qualified so
they will never be set to a status of Resolved – No Action Required when selected through the response UI. This functionality can be useful for
outbound call lists, or member updates that the Sales team makes one at a time.

Additional Active Response on Contacts

This feature allows organizations to add additional active responses to Contacts that currently have an active response tied to an opportunity. This
feature enables organizations that are running in active mode to support multiple active opportunities per person.

There are 2 global configuration settings that can be utilized with this feature:

Allow Additional Active Responses via the Response Prompt UI

Setting the Response Prompt checkbox to true, opens up the response prompt UI and allows users to add an additional active response if the current
active response is tied to an open opportunity. If the Disable Response Prompt setting above is true, and this setting is true, the system will allow
additional responses through the response prompt UI only if the existing active response is tied to an opportunity.

This setting is configured on the Response Processing page in the Contact Response Rules section.

Allow Additional Active Responses via Standard Campaign Association

The Standard Campaign Association setting allows additional campaign responses that are associated to the individual through traditional means
(marketing automation, the reporting, add to campaign button, etc.) to open up contacts that currently have an active response tied to an opportunity.
This setting is configured on the Response Processing page in the Contact Response Rules section.

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Disabling Additional Active Responses on Contacts

Should you disable both checkboxes additional active responses will no longer be supported in your Salesforce org. This means that as the system runs
it will gradually shut down the additional responses to the status of Resolved – Already Engaged.

Sync Field Updates on Opportunity Active Responses

1.7 Release
Contact synchronization fields now have an additional column specifying whether a sync field should synchronize to responses associated with open
opportunities. This feature was introduced in order to enable engagement with additional responses on opportunities that may require contact sync-field
updates and to prevent those fields updated on the Contact from overwriting responses related to open opportunities.
This column is called Update Op-Active

For existing customers this field will be set to true on installation in order to preserve the current behavior. Upon installation review your settings and
make adjustments.
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Installation Considerations

Install the new release over the existing application, this will upgrade the application. There are no changes in this release that will impact existing behavior.
Users that will be consuming reports based on this data need to have read and view all permissions to the Campaign Influence Detail object.

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