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Release Notes 1.08


This document highlights the new features & functionality that were a part of the 1 1.8 release of the Full Circle CRM Response Management
System. Complete functionality is available in the system administration guide.

Advanced Campaign Influence

1.8.x Release
The advanced campaign influence feature includes a new object, Campaign Influence Detail, and creates a new Campaign Influence Detail record
for every campaign relationship to the various opportunities it influences. Since the member of one campaign can influence multiple opportunities,
this new record allows users a very granular level of reporting. The Campaign Influence Detail record stores the following values:

  • The standard funnel stages that are captured on the related campaign member
  • The influenced amount fields for the three influence models
  • Lookup to the related Account
  • Lookup to the related Contact
  • Lookup to the related Opportunity
  • Lookup to the related Campaign
  • Defined custom sync fields

The advanced model also has the ability to sync custom fields from the related campaign member to the related Campaign Influence Detail record.

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Enabling Detailed Influence Capture

To enable the advanced campaign influence feature go to the campaign influence screen in setup and select the Enable Detailed Influence
checkbox. You will need to rebuild the influence database once set to true. Note that enabling this feature does impact storage in Salesforce.

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Adding Sync Fields to the new Campaign Influence Detail

Since Salesforce does not support lookups to the campaign member the advanced model has the ability to sync custom fields from the related
campaign member to the Campaign Influence Detail record. This will allow users the flexibility to report on influence by any of their unique
dimensions. For example, if ACME Company currently stores a value called “SEM Search Term” on the campaign member they may want to
also sync this value to the new Influence Detail record so you can report on how much pipeline you have influenced by SEM Search Term.
Syncing fields from the campaign member to the related Influence detail follows the same process as syncing fields from the lead or contact to
the campaign member. First, you will need to create the fields you want to sync in to on the Campaign Influence Detail object. Next, in Full
Circle Configuration under Sync Fields select the source field on the campaign member and the corresponding field you want to map to on the
Campaign Influence Detail.

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Currency considerations

The currency fields on the Campaign Influence Detail object are all based on the organization default currency

Database Refresh

The advanced Campaign Influence model runs the same way the standard influence model runs – in a batch process, which creates and deletes
records based on meeting influence criteria at processing time.

Advanced Influence Reporting Permissions

Users that will be consuming reports based on this data need to have read and view all permissions to the Campaign Influence Detail object.


In order to maximize the power of the new Campaign Influence Detail object and the lookup relationships you will want have your administrator
create a custom report type so you can pull in any of your custom fields from the related Account, Contact, Opportunity or Campaign.
To create a custom report type go to Setup > Create > Report Types > Create New

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Once saved, under the “Fields Available for Reports” section select the “Edit Layout” button. On this screen you will want to add fields to the
report that are related to the Influence Detail via lookup. This will allow you to pull in any standard or custom field you have on the related Campaign,
Account, Opportunity or Contact and add it to the report.

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Once saved, you can access your new report in the Campaigns report folder. Remember any time you add new fields to the Campaign, Account,
Opportunity & Contact that you want accessible in this report you will need to go in to the custom report type, edit the layout and add the new fields.

Opportunity Influence Calculation Adjustment

Opportunity and account influence models now include responses created on the opportunity close
date in influence calculation.

New Dashboard & Reports

The Full Circle CRM package now comes with an FCCRM Check Reports Dashboard. For existing organizations, you may wish to migrate your check
reports to this dashboard and schedule it – then delete the old check report dashboard.
The Dashboard comes with the following reports. You may have duplicates of these reports on your existing check report dashboard:

Unmapped Response Status

Type:  Campaign Member

Description: A response with a status of Unmapped indicates an update to a lead/contact status not configured by the system. This will only occur for
Active responses – these responses will no longer sync, so that means the related lead/contact is now in limbo with an active status and not associated
active response. This Type of error is likely caused by the addition of a new lead or contact status value and not configuring it, or automation/code/ or
Data Load error.

Solution: Review field Status history on the related lead and contact. Identify the process that causes this error and address that so that it doesn’t recur.
Fix records by updating them to the current lead/contact status – make sure the rep hasn’t created a response in order to try to work the record. The
quicker you fix these the better. If the user that made the status change is also the user that last modified the related lead/contact you are likely to be
able to just update the member status back to the one matching the related lead/contact.

Responses Undone

Type: Campaign Member

Description: This report highlights problems with Marketing Automation or import updates – in this case an existing response processed by Full Circle
CRM was updated to a member status considered a non- response. For example – a prior ‘Responded’ was updated to ‘Sent’. The text value of the member
status doesn’t matter – what matters is the configuration for that text value.

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These responses may not be processed during certain operations, for example during lead conversion or opportunity creation.

Solution: Update the member status values back to the one they were before (a response). It’s very important that you make this update while setting the
Admin Response Control field (FCRM__FCR_Admin_Response_Control__c) to 1. Setting the Admin Response Control field to 1 during this member update
prevents the response from reprocessing. Reprocessing the response will do things like resetting the response date, resetting the status, and clearing any
related opportunities.
These updates can be done manually or via the data-loader or other mass update too.

Deferred Update Items

Type: Deferred Update Items

Description: Deferred updates records in the database. Will require manual check. Deferred update items are created when Full Circle hits an update conflict
– for example if a person is editing a record Full Circle needs to update. Most of these are reprocessed and deleted within a few minutes of the event so you
never see these records. This report exposes updates Full Circle was unable to recover from. You only have to worry about ones where Delete Pending is
not checked. This report highlights process updates that impact Full Circle’s ability to update records – for example a new validation rule.

Solution: Go into each one and see what update failed – see the error/cause. Sometimes you’ll see the fields that should have been set are already set on
the related record– and then you can delete the record. If the fields are not set – on the deferred update item record click the reprocess checkbox and save.
You’ll see the Delete Pending checkbox will be set.
If the update fails (Delete Pending is not set) there may have to figure out the cause – for example a new validation rule may need to be adjusted. You can
also temporarily deactivate a validation rule if you need to in order to process these.
If there is a validation rule impacting updates – modify the validation rule to not fire if the object field Admin Update Counter is changed. Full Circle increments
this field when it does updates in order to have this validation rule bypass mechanism. We have this field on Leads, Contacts and Opportunities.

Opportunities Cleared

Type: Campaign Member

Description: Displays responses previously associated to opportunities where the opportunity was deleted. When this occurs, Full Circle CRM Sets the
response field Opportunity Cleared with the date of the deletion. This highlights any business process issues related to opportunity deletion, as some organizations
do not recommend this practice, or if it was a duplicate – this response may need to be associated to a different opportunity.

Solution: Monitor and discuss policies regarding opportunity deletion. Often the person that deleted the opportunity will be the user that last modified the campaign
member. See if the response needs to be associated to a different opportunity.

New Fields

Campaign Member Field: 18 Character ID (FCRM__FCR_Character_ID__c), Formula, displays campaign member 18 character ID.

Campaign Member Field: Current Lead/Contact Status (FCRM__FCR__Current_Lead_Contact_Status__c), Formula, displays the current status of the related
lead or contact record (lead status field, or contact status field)

Installation & Deployment

Install the new release over the existing application, this will upgrade the application. There are no changes in this release that will impact existing behavior.
Users that will be consuming reports based on this data need to have read and view all permissions to the Campaign Influence Detail object.

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