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Response Management 1.36.2 Release Notes


Release Schedule

Name Description Date
Sandbox Update All 1.36.X installs in Sandboxes will receive the update automatically 03/10/2020
Production Update All 1.36.X installs in production orgs will receive the update automatically 03/12/2020

Improvements & Fixes

Version 1.36.2 contains the following improvements and fixes. 

  • Fixed an issue around broken images on various configuration pages.
  • Fixed an issue related to funnels around a default active funnel being undefined.
  • Fixed an issue related to aggregate calculation for the DST product. There is no impact on core Response Management functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where Status Mapping configuration page could throw a "DML not allowed" error.
  • Added a spinner onto the funnel stage 'View' button so that users don't click the funnel before it's done loading.
  • To avoid heap usage errors, lowered the max record limit when splitting influence records during scheduled Apex jobs.
  • Migrate "ui" to "lightning" namespace for various Lightning components. For more details see Winter 20 release notes from Salesforce.
  • On the Status Mapping configuration page we added UI validation warnings if active or inactive status values are added to inappropriate configuration settings.



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