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Release Notes 1.09


This document highlights new features and functionality that are part of the 1.9 release of the Full Circle CRM Response Management System.

Opportunity Creation – Enhanced Configuration

Version 1.9 has added enhanced functionality around Opportunity Configuration. Settings are located in the General Configuration page in the
Opportunity Creation section.
Setup > Installed Packages > Configure (Next to Full Circle CRM Response Management) > General Configuration > Opportunity Creation section

Do Not Create Opportunity on Lead Conversion

This setting, when checked, will display the lead conversion page with the Do Not Create Opportunity checkbox set to true. This is a useful feature
for organizations that:

  • Work contact records
  • Do not create opportunities during lead conversion
  • Want sales reps to deliberately create an opportunity during lead conversion rather than accidentally doing so.

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Opportunity Creation off Contact Records

The following two settings impact opportunities when they are created from the contact related list.

Opportunity Naming Convention

When this setting is checked, opportunities created from contact records will prepopulate the opportunity name with the Account name followed by
a dash. This is good for supporting sales reps in the creation of standardized opportunity names.

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Opportunity Creation Query String

This functionality allows the mapping of contact fields to opportunity fields when opportunities are created. This only works when Opportunity gating
is enabled (the Restrict Opportunity Creation setting is checked). This field supports as limited set of fields referenced by their API names.

Since creation of opportunities off a contact record takes the sales rep to the opportunity edit page – you will see fields mapped prepopulated in the
edit view.

The format for this field is a string of values: use
fieldcode1=Contact_API_name1&fieldcode2=Contact_API_name2 etc. The contact field value for specified contact API name is substituted into
the string and used to populate default values on the new opportunity page.


Campaign Notification Overrides

For customers using the Full Circle CRM Notification System you can now override your global settings at the campaign level to restrict specific
types of notifications.

On the campaign you find a new field called Campaign Notification Override. This picklist has 3 values:
Do Not Notify on Open
Do Not Notify on Already Engaged
Do Not Notify on Open or Already Engaged
If selected on the campaign, this picklist will override the notification settings that are defined in the global configuration. If Full Circle CRM notifications
are not enabled, these picklist values have no effect on the system.

Notification Supports Configurable Fields

For organizations using Full Circle CRM notifications, release 1.9 has added the ability to configure an additional set of fields that can be referenced
from the notification templates. Support is provided for up to 10 fields on the Campaign, Lead, Contact and Account Objects.

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Configure Notification Fields

Setup > Installed Packages > Configure (Next to Full Circle CRM Response Management) > Advanced Configuration> Notifications > Additional
Notifications Fields
Click the Select Notification Fields button to see which fields are available.
Move the fields you want to use to the right column under each object field. Select the Save and return button.
Note: Long text fields are not supported.

Configure Notification Template

Configured fields can be added to email templates using the following syntax {!object.field_api_name}. So for example, an account field that is
configured can be referenced from an email template as {!Account.apifieldname}

Default Notification Field Support

The following fields are supported by the notification system and do not require configuration as custom fields.

Lead, Contact, Account

Standard Salesforce fields are supported on these objects

Lead Custom Fields

Response Score: FCRM__FCR_Response_Score__c
Name Created Date: FCRM__FCR_Name_Created_Date__c

Contact Custom Fields

Response Score: FCRM__FCR_Response_Score__c
Name Created Date: FCRM__FCR_Name_Created_Date__c Contact Status: FCRM__FCR_Status__c
Campaign Member Standard Fields
CampaignId ContactId CurrencyIsoCode FirstRespondedDate HasResponded LeadId RecordtypeId

Full Circle CRM Fields (included in the package)

'LastModifiedDate', 'ContactId',

New Async System

Release 1.9 introduces a new Async System with a more robust infrastructure to manage background and future operations. This system is enabled
by default on new installations and upgrades. This functionality is managed in the advanced Configuration section. We recommend that all
organizations use the new system as it is more efficient. When not selected the existing Async system will be operational.
Setup > Installed Packages > Configure (Next to Full Circle CRM Response Management) > Advanced Configuration> Asynchronous System.
Enable New Async System: Set to true to enable
Scheduler Reset Window: Defaulted to 120. Specifies the scheduler reset window on the new Async system. This represents the target maximum
time between an asynchronous request and the asynchronous operation (the actual time may be 30-60 seconds longer). Allowed range is 120 to 600.
Disable Fast Async: Disables the fast Async feature on the new async system. Normally, the system will attempt to perform an immediate future
call if certain criteria are met. Disable this feature only if instructed to do so by Full Circle CRM technical support.
Note: it is recommended that you allow automatic notifications in the Full Circle CRM event log - This will allow Full Circle CRM to monitor system
exceptions should they occur.

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Setup > Installed Packages > Configure (Next to Full Circle CRM Response Management) > event Log > Allow automatic notifications
Minor Functional Updates

  • SR – 557: Added the association of a primary opportunity contact role when an opportunity is created off a person account
  • SR-624 - Do not display formula to text sync field mismatch warning on the home page
  • SR-474 - Added FCR_Converted_Lead__c field to CampaignMember to detect if the response that was active at time of conversion
  • SR-630 Added Current Lead/Contact Status and Lead/Contact 18 Character ID fields to Deferred Update Item object
  • SR-583 Support sync of picklist fields to text and text area fields.
  • SR-306 - Configuration of primary campaign setting after opportunity create for non- response record types
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