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Release Notes 1.14


This document highlights new features and functionality that are part of the 1.14 release of the Full Circle Response Management Application.

Campaign Influence Updates

Object Lookup Support

The Campaign Influence framework now has support for custom object lookups. This allows custom models to reference other objects such as, for example, opportunity line items.

New HasInfleunceOp{n} Influence Fields on the Campaign Influence Detail Object

The Campaign Influence Detail object now has three new fields – HasInfluenceOp{n} where ‘n’ is the influence mode. This field is set to true if the particular response is influential for a specific model.


Use these fields to ensure accuracy in Campaign Influence Detail reports. The Campaign Influence Detail records store data on up to three running influence models. Because some models can calculate influence on 0 or blank amount opportunities, this field is to be used to identify which models on the Campaign Influence detail record are influential.


In the screenshot of a Campaign Influence Detail record below, only Model 1 and Model 2 are influential for the referenced Opportunity.

Prior to being able to calculate influence on $0 or blank amount opportunities, you could consider 0 amount influence model amounts as not influential for a particular model. With this new ability we need to be able to clearly identify if a response is influential even with a $0 or blank influence amount.

In the screenshot below, the response on a $0 amount opportunity is only considered influential in model 1.

Active Mode Conversion Override Setting Behavior Change

Location: Advanced Configuration, Lead Conversion Handling section.

This setting is off by default.


The 1.14 release update prevents conversion when the mapped contact status on conversion is an active status.

When this setting is not enabled, an active user must have an active response to convert leads, whether or not an opportunity is created.


When enabled, an active user may convert a lead without an active response in cases where they are not creating an opportunity as long as the contact status configured for conversion is not active. This feature was created to allow active users to convert leads for other purposes, such as record consolidation or data hygiene, but it has implications on marketing metrics and on the user experience, that you’ll want to consider before enabling this setting.

User Experience

This setting requires that the Lead Convert button override be removed. If the user does try to create an opportunity without an active response their validation behavior will change. The user will now experience a validation rule on the lead conversion page instead of an alert before they reach that page.


In cases where the user is prompted to select a possible matching contact, the user will receive this alert after that second screen selection.


Steps to Enable

Set the Active Mode Conversion Override checkbox to checked. Click the page Save and return to main button.


Remove the lead Convert button override:

How do I know if a status is ‘Active’, or if my conversion status without opportunity is ‘Active’?

In the Status Mappings configuration page, in the Status Mapping Table section, the Active checkbox will be selected next to the status listing. In the image below, the status values of ‘Attempting Contact’, ‘Work as Contact - Existing Account’, and ‘Working’ are active status values.


There are a couple of places where you can determine if the contact status is active when converted without opportunities:


Conversion Default Status section

In the example below, based on the configuration in the image above, all leads converted without opportunities will have an active status of ‘Working’.

Conversion Overrides Section

You can set the Conversion Default to inactive, and have an override for cases where a specific conversion status is selected. This is defined in the conversion status overrides section.


In the example below, all leads converted without opportunities will be set to an inactive status (Nurture/Marketing) as defined in the Conversion Default Status section:

However, if the user selects a conversion status of ‘Work as Contact - Existing Account’, the contact status will be active (Working):

Implementation Considerations

Providing a lead conversion choice during conversion is a good approach to help split out the contact status outcome after lead conversion. The quality of this approach depends on whether or not the Sales Team will pay attention to their choice of status values on conversion. Reporting on leads converted by status may be an interesting metric to help manage adoption.  You can delineate conversion status values such as

  • Qualified – new Opportunity.
  • In Process – Work as Contact.
  • Data Hygiene – Convert to existing Account.

Extensibility Model Enhancements

SetFirstLastTouchOnOpportunities API function supports first last touch calculation on a set of opportunities even if there is no originating contact (based on primary contact role).


GetEvaluationThreshold API Function returns the configured Response Management score threshold.

Infrastructure Updates

Assignment processing sequence modification

Previously, when manual assignment is requested, the application sets the FCR_PostAssignNotificationPending__c to true and would continue with assignment and notification only after an owner change. Now, setting the FCR_PostAssignNotificationPending__c field to false with an aftertrigger on a lead, contact or person account will be interpreted as assignment being complete even if no owner change occurred.

Minor Updates

  • Configuration for Opportunity Creation Query String was enlarged for easier usability.
  • Added Campaign Influence Detail HasInfluenceModel{n} fields to page layout.
  • Campaign Member formula field Response Engagement Level modified to render Campaign Members with the response status of ‘Legacy’ as 1. No Action Required.


If you need assistance from Support, please file a Case in the Full Circle Community Portal. You can login at using your Salesforce credentials.

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