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Matchmaker 1.12 Release Notes

Release Schedule

Name Description Date
Sandbox Update All Matchmaker installations in sandboxes will receive an automatic update May 17, 2018
Production Update All Matchmaker installations in production orgs will receive an automatic update May 21, 2018

Release at-a-Glance

Improvements Automatically Visible to All Users Requires Setup
Admin Update Counter Yes No


Admin Update Counter

A new field has been added to both the Lead and Account objects with API name of FCMM__LAM_Admin_Update_Counter__c.

This field allows administrators and developers to customize their validation rules, workflow rules, processes, and Apex code so that they play nicely with the application. The application increments the value of this field when it is making an update to a record. So for example, you may have strict validation rules on certain fields on the Account object. To prevent these validation rules from firing when Matchmaker updates the Email Domain fields on the Account, utilize the new Admin Update Counter field in the criteria for your rule:


You can use this same method to prevent workflow rules, processes or Apex from running. Simply check to see if the value of this field has changed. If it has, that means Matchmaker is making an update to the record and you can bypass your processing. Note that when Matchmaker makes updates, it only updates fields that are packaged with the application.

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