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Matchmaker KB 1011: How to Delete System Records


Matchmaker uses a custom object called Shadow Leads and leverages's duplicate management functionality. Duplicate Management uses Duplicate Record Sets. Sometimes these Duplicate Record Sets need to be deleted. For example, because Duplicate Record Sets impact future matches Full Circle Insights suggests deleting records prior to making Matchmaker configuration changes. Included in the Matchmaker 1.11.8 is a new feature that allows you to do this.

For further information on how Salesforce Duplicate Management works, see Duplicate Management.

When to use this feature

Matchmaker is a highly configurable product. After running Matchmaker, you may determine that you'd like to configure it differently to get more specific results. When doing so, deleting Duplicate Record Sets will be necessary. For more details on how Duplicate Record Sets work, please see Duplicate Management.

How to use this feature

Users that have the Administrator Permission Set can use the Matchmaker Configuration page. "Delete System Records" was added to the Advanced Settings tab.

Upon clicking the "Delete System Records" button, users can choose to select between one and three checkboxes:

  1. Delete Error Records: Deletes all Async Request and Match Request records that are marked as errors. Common errors include validation rule failures when Matchmaker tries to update leads or accounts, exceptions thrown due to errors in custom code, etc.
  2. Delete Matchmaker Underlying Data: Deletes all Duplicate Record Set records associated to Matchmaker, as well as Shadow Lead records. You will want to delete these records if you cleanup Account Name or Website data on Account records or modify Matchmaker's email domain exclusions.
  3. Unmatch All Matched Leads: Un-matches all leads and also deletes all Potential Match records. During testing, you may want to perform this action after you've modified the configuration and want to re-run bulk lead matching against the updated settings.

Prior to deleting data, users will also be asked to check the following:

I confirm that the action I'm performing will result in unrecoverable data loss of the records selected above.

User cannot proceed with deleting records without checking the "I confirm" checkbox.