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Matchmaker KB 1006: Conversion error FCRM-101181 when running Matchmaker with Response Management


When running Response Management in Active mode, Leads cannot be converted without an Active Response Campaign Member. Therefore, if Matchmaker is configured to convert Leads prior to adding Active Responses, the following Match Request error will be thrown:

Lead conversion for lead 00Q4100000O624wEAB was unsuccessful. Status Code: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION Fields: () Message: Validation error on Lead: You must select a Sales Campaign to convert a lead. {FCRM-101181}

You can see this error by clicking the link below "Errors" within the Overall Progress Report of the Matchmaker Main Configuration page.



There are several different ways you can reconfigure either Matchmaker or Response Management to avoid this scenario, depending on your business needs and processes. Please contact your Full Circle Insights representative to discuss the options available.