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Uninstall Matchmaker

Data that was previously assigned or converted in Matchmaker will remain that way, once you uninstall.   Fields, Visualforce pages, matched lists, account ratings, and the corresponding data will not be available.

Prior to uninstalling Matchmaker, you will need to delete/remove some of the settings you had previously configured in the Salesforce. 

  • Delete any Duplicate Rule (standard or custom) that is associated to the Shadow Lead.


From Lead Page Layout(s), delete/remove:

  • Visualforce pages:
    • LAM_Matched Accounts  

From Account Page Layout (s), delete/remove:

  • Visualforce pages:
    • LAM_MatchedLeads 


Once appropriate settings have been deleted/removed:

  • From Setup | Installed Packages | Uninstall Matchmaker.
  • Select Do not save a copy of this package's data after uninstall.
  • Select Yes | Uninstall.




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