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Account Activity Rating Settings

Account activity rating functionality allows you to rate your accounts, based on campaign member records associated with matched lead and contacts and timeframe criteria, which in turn provides insight into lead/contact product interest as well as campaign effectiveness at the account level. The rating represents cumulative matched lead and contact campaign member records, rolled up to the account level. You determine what criteria represents each rating.

Other highlights of this feature include:

  • Maximum of 500 matched lead/contact campaign member records per account can be counted.
  • Ratings are updated daily or weekly (you can schedule).
  • You can exclude accounts from being rated.
  • If your org supports workflow rules you can create a workflow rule to notify a rep when an account hits a good rating.

Within Account Activity Rating configuration you can: 

  • Enable or disable Account Activity Rating
  • Define which accounts to rate (using exclusions)
  • Define which campaign type responses to rate
  • Define which campaign member status values to rate
  • Select timeframe criteria
  • Define ratings and calculation criteria

To configure:

  • Click Edit.
  • Scroll down Account Rating Settings page to review and configure each setting appropriately.
  • Click Save and Close when you are finished.

Enable or disable Account Activity Rating

Would you like to rate accounts?

Click Yes to enable Account Activity Rating. If you click No, and do not enable, your matched leads and contact campaign responses will not be calculated and rated. 

Which accounts should not be rated?

You can exclude accounts from rating by selecting an account field, operator and value criteria from the respective picklists. Any accounts that include the criteria, will not be rated. 

Checkbox.jpg Field - Selections from this picklist are defined by the Account Standard and Custom Fields.

Checkbox.jpg Operator - Sets parameters for the field and value filter logic.

Checkbox.jpg Value - If value appears in the selected account field, the account will not be rated.

  • Click Add Filter to add exclusions. 
  • Click Add Filter Logic to view or adjust the exclusion filter.

If you adjust the logic and want to revert to the default, click Clear Filter Logic. The Filter Logic row will be cleared and you can display again by selecting Add Filter Logic

NOTE: Filter Logic default function is set to AND between each field exclusion row.  You can change the Filter Logic by adding an OR between each filter and group by putting parenthesis around two filters.  This works similarly to standard Salesforce workflow logic.

Which campaign type responses should be excluded?

Specify which campaigns should be excluded from rating calculation. For example you might want to exclude a category like "other" because the data are not specific enough.

Which campaign member status values should be excluded?

Specify which status values should be excluded from rating calculation.  For example you may want to exclude a vlaue like "planned" because the related lead/contact has not responded to a campaign yet.

Select timeframe criteria

Checkbox.jpg   Timeframe - How many days should be included in rating calculations?

  • Enter a value that represents number of days back from runtime that responses will be calculated. 

Checkbox.jpg   Which campaign member field should be used to calculate the timeframe?

  • Select the campaign member (Date) field that the product will look for when searching the timeframe parameters.
    • The product looks for a date value within the selected timeframe.

NOTE: if you select a date other than campaign member created dated, if the selected date field is blank, the record will not be counted.  Similarly, if you select a date related to response (first responded versus created date), the application will count campaign members where responded is true.

EXAMPLE: Account Activity Rating

To keep it simple, let's say you do not exclude any accounts from being rated, or exclude any campaign type or campaign member status values. You decide you want to rate all account response activity using the campaign member Create Date as the criteria and 30 days as the timeframe parameters. 

Now in the upcoming configuration (after How should number of responses be rated?), you determine the rating calculation frequency. You select Weekly, Sunday, 12:00pm. 

So putting it all together, every Sunday at 12:00pm the application will look back 30 days and search for campaigns with a new Create Date. The response count from those campaigns will be reflected in the rating. This rating calculation will be updated every Sunday at 12:00pm. So every time you see an  Account Activity Rating, you know it is based on the cumulation of responses from matched leads and contacts, 30 days prior to the most recent Sunday.  The value shown in the Account Activity Value field tells you how many campaign responses are counted in the rating.

Define ratings and calculation frequency

Checkbox.jpg   How should number of responses be rated?

  • The rating is the value that will be displayed at the account level. It represents the responses calculated by the timeframe criteria you selected in the previous settings. 
  • Enter Min Count / number of minimum responses and the rating value that reflects that number.
  • Click Add Row.
    • Once added, the number of responses will become part of a Response Count Range, based on values listed in the previous row.  The corresponding rating value will be added. 

Checkbox.jpg   How often should rating be calculated?

  • Select the rating calculation frequency: Weekly or Daily, Day of Week and Time. 
  • The response rating calculation will run, based on your selection.

NOTE: for more immediate ratings, you can override these settings and Click Calculate Ratings Now, from the Account Activity Rating overview page.

Click Save and Close.


EXAMPLE: Account Activity Ratings

During configuration, you choose Excellent, Good, Average and Poor as ratings, and then decide the Response Count Range which reflects the number of matched lead and contact responses at an account level, that corresponds to those ratings. 

For this example, let's say that an Excellent rating is 20+ responses, and you set other ratings with appropriate ranges.

Post configuration, you view your account listings, and notice one of your target accounts has an Excellent rating.

Account Activity Rating -05-30 at 11.49.53 AM.png

Based on the timeframe configuration options using Created Date and 30 days prior to Sunday, you can see that at least 20 matched leads or contacts responded to campaigns 30 days prior to Tuesday (5/30/2017) at 11:49 AM. This information provides valuable insight into the response activity of your account and potential interest in your product or services.  You can drill down more into your campaign responses, as well as make determinations, align sales and marketing and strategize your next move, at the account level.


Do you need assistance or have questions? Contact our Customer Success team by logging a case in the Full Circle Customer Success Community.


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