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Convert Leads Settings


Once leads are matched to accounts and assigned to new owners, you have the option to auto-convert those leads to contacts. 

  • This functionality allows you to bypass the Matched Lead list and directly convert the lead to a contact and associate to an account. 
  • Automatic lead conversion will maintain the owner you set up in the Assign (assignment rules) configuration section.

Within Convert configuration you can:

  • Enable or disable lead auto-conversion
  • Include leads to auto-convert
  • Specify auto-conversion status rules

To configure:

Checkbox.jpg   Enable or disable lead auto-conversion

  • Click Yes to enable Lead Status Auto-Conversion Rules.
    • If you click No, this feature will not be enabled, and matched leads will not be auto-converted to contacts. 


Checkbox.jpg    Which leads should be auto-converted?

  • Select the criteria to include for auto-conversion.
    • The criteria is based on the Field, Operator, Value, and Filter Logic, and allows you to narrow down the types of leads that get auto-converted to contacts. 
      • Only those leads will get auto-converted.
        • The remainder will appear in the Matched Leads list, and be eligible for manual conversion. 
      • If you select None, then all leads will get auto-converted.

Checkbox.jpg Field - Selections from this picklist are defined by the Lead Standard and Custom Fields.

Checkbox.jpg Operator - Sets parameters for the field and value filter logic.

Checkbox.jpg Value - If value appears in the selected lead field, the lead will not be matched.

  • Click Add Filter to add exclusions. 
  • Click Add Filter Logic to view or adjust the exclusion filter.

If you adjust the logic and want to revert to the default, click Clear Filter Logic. The Filter Logic row will be cleared and you can display again by selecting Add Filter Logic. 

NOTE: Filter Logic default function is set to AND between each field exclusion row.  You can change the Filter Logic by adding an OR between each filter and group by putting parenthesis around two filters.  This works similarly to standard Salesforce workflow logic.

Select Field, Operator, Value and Filter Logic. Only leads with that criteria will be auto-converted to contacts.

Select None, and an attempt will be made to convert all matched leads to contacts.


Lead Status Auto-Conversion Rules

During auto-conversion a status field value will be populated on the lead record. 

There are two options for selecting the Lead status value field once auto-conversion has taken place. 

  1. Set all auto-converted leads to a single converted leads status.
  2. Use status mapping rules to determine which converted lead status to use based on the leads current status value. 

Once converted to a contact, the lead record will no longer be available in the Lead list, however it is still in Salesforce, and can be reported on.

You will type in status values, and can enter the same status values that you use in the Lead Status Picklist Values, or you can enter something different. Whatever status value you enter, is what you will report on. 


Lead Status Auto-Conversion Rules - Option #1

Checkbox.jpg   Set all auto-converted leads to a single lead status defined below.

  • Select this option, if you want all leads, regardless of their status setting prior to conversion, to get converted and have a specific default status value.
  • Enter the Default Lead Status value that will be set once lead is converted to a contact.
  • Click Save and Close

NOTE: This value does not have to match values from the Lead Status Picklist, however to ensure consistent data, you may want to use the same values. 


Lead Status Auto-Conversion Rules - Option #2

Checkbox.jpg   Use status mapping rules.  

  • Select this option, if you want to specify status values to auto-convert. 
  • Enter value | Lead status prior to lead conversion.
    • The product will look for this value in the Status Mapping Rules table. 
  •  Enter value | Lead status to set during lead conversion.
    • During conversion, the product will auto-convert those with the prior value and change to this value. 
  •  Select Default status.
    • If this is a rule you want available, but it isn't the default rule, don't select. It will appear in Configured Status Values list as No
  • Select Add Rule.
    • Status mapping rules will be listed in Configured status values list. 
    • Remove if you no longer want the rule available. 
  • Click Save and Close



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