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Match Leads Settings

Lead matching creates relationships between leads and accounts, in order to provide full account level visibility.

Within Lead Matching configuration you can:

  • Enable or Disable Lead Matching
  • Exclude leads from the matching process
  • Define which account lookup field on the lead to populate

To configure:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Scroll down Lead Matching Settings page to review and configure each setting appropriately.
  3. Click Save and Close when you are finished.

Mm_Config_ 2017-01-27.png

Enable or disable lead matching

  • Click Yes to enable lead to account matching.
    • If you click No, this feature will not be enabled.

Which leads should not be matched?

The product will attempt to automatically match all leads to accounts unless you define exclusions.

You can exclude leads from matching by selecting a lead field, operator and value criteria from the respective picklists. Any leads that include the criteria, will not be matched to accounts. 

Checkbox.jpg Field - Selections from this picklist are defined by the Lead Standard and Custom Fields.

Checkbox.jpg Operator - Sets parameters for the field and value filter logic.

Checkbox.jpg Value - If value appears in the selected lead field, the lead will not be matched.

  • Click Add Filter to add exclusions. 
  • Click Add Filter Logic to view or adjust the exclusion filter.

If you adjust the logic and want to revert to the default, click Clear Filter Logic. The Filter Logic row will be cleared and you can display again by selecting Add Filter Logic. 

NOTE: Filter Logic default function is set to AND between each field exclusion row.  You can change the Filter Logic by adding an OR between each filter and group by putting parenthesis around two filters.  This works similarly to standard Salesforce workflow logic.

Populate account lookup field

  • Select Matched Account from Lookup Field picklist. 

NOTE: The Matched Account lookup field is part of the package and pre-populated in this picklist. Based on your needs, you can add and populate additional lookup fields.

Lead Detail 2017-02-07.png

To configure Matchmaker to populate your custom field once a match has been found select a field from the picklist. 

NOTE: In an org with a relatively large number of leads, the first time lead matching batch can take a long time to complete.  If your org has leads in the hundreds of thousands, be prepared for the initial match batch to take many hours.  In order to see results more quickly you can follow the directions below to run a one-time match batch on a subset of leads using the date selection feature.

Run One-time Batch

Matchmaker functionality initiates when leads are added to your org, after the application is installed and configured. 

If you would like to match leads that existed in your org prior to the installation and configuration of Matchmaker, you can run a one-time batch lead match, based on a timeframe, and existing leads will be matched to accounts.  It is possible to configure Match Lead settings and run a one-time batch without having configured Assign and Convert.  However, if you have not configured these features, Matchmaker will not perform the functions described in these settings.  

  • Within these settings:
    • Select Use lead last modified date or Use lead created date. 
    • Select Date to search from and Date to search through.
    • Click Run Lead Matching. The batch run starts working immediately. 

You can verify progress by viewing the Overall Progress Report on the overview page. 


Do you need assistance or have questions? Contact our Customer Success team by logging a case in the Full Circle Customer Success Community.



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