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Match Prioritization Rules Settings

Duplicate Rules and Matching Rules find potential matches between Leads and Accounts.  Match Prioritization rules help narrow the choices of potential matches to the most likely match using additional criteria.  

For example, using the screenshot below, Matchmaker finds a number of potential account matches for a lead in an org where several account records exist for various divisions of a company.  Matchmaker presents a list of potential matches on the lead record Visualforce page. If we had configured Matchmaker to prioritize a match using “Best Geographic Match”, and the lead held "NY" in the Zip field it would have prioritized the account with "NY" in the zip field.

Select Account 2017-02-10.png

To configure:

Click Edit

Would you like use prioritization rules to select between multiple potential account matches?

Select Yes or No to enable.  This feature is enabled by default upon install; for optimal matching performance, do not disable this feature.

Match Prioritization Rules

If more than one potential account is matched, match prioritization rules are used to determine the best match. Rules are run sequentially as filters until we have one remaining account match. If all prioritization rules have been applied and there are still multiple potential matches, the user must select the best match on the lead manually. If no potential accounts meet a prioritization rule, then it will be skipped.

By default, the application is installed with four rules enabled as displayed in the screen shot below. You can drag and drop one or more pre-configured rules from the left to the right box.

Macth Prioritization 2017-05-30 at 3.18.39 PM.png

The rules prioritize based on the following:

Account Criteria Match: this rule will prioritize accounts which meet user defined criteria, such as customer or target accounts.  You will need to define the rule criteria before you can use this prioritization rule.  To use this rule, use the filter function labeled Rule Configuration: Account Criteria Match to create the logic for this rule.

Account Creation Timing: rule prioritizes accounts based on their create date.  You can define whether older or more recent accounts should be prioritized.  Unlike the other prioritization rules, this rule will always result in a definitive selection and therefore is useful as a final prioritization rule.   To use this rule, use the filter function labeled Rule Configuration: Account Creation Timing to create the logic for this rule.

Best Geographic Match: the rule will prioritize accounts based on zip, city, state and country.  More specific data is considered before less specific data so a zip match will always be prioritized over the city, state or country match.

At Least One Email Match:  this rule will prioritize accounts which have at least one contact with an email domain matching the lead's email domain.

Most Email Matches: this rule will prioritize accounts which have the most number of contacts with email domain match the lead's email domain.

Rule Configuration: At Least One Email Match & Most Email Matches: This configuration enables and disables Matchmaker Ignored Domains for the the two prioritization rules that apply to emails; At Least One Email Match and Most Email Matches.  When enabled, email domains in the standard and custom ignored domains lists will be ignored for these prioritization rules.

Once you have configured, click Save and Close.


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