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Matchmaker Overview


Matchmaker is a native Salesforce application that leverages's duplicate management functionality to enable companies to embark on an account-based sales and marketing strategy. Utilizing Matchmaker enhances efficiencies within sales teams by reducing the leg work and providing a streamlined method for matching leads to accounts, assigning leads to appropriate owners and automatically converting leads to contacts. The product also contributes to the alignment between sales and marketing efforts, by providing a rating system that helps sales reps identify how leads and contacts are responding to campaigns at the account level. 

Settings for Matchmaker functionality can be configured to meet your business needs. Complete configuration instructions to learn more and set up Matchmaker in your org.

Plan Your Implementation

Matchmaker is compatible with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.  It helps to make a few key decisions in advance of installing Matchmaker and customizing it.

  • Review the documentation on's Duplicate Management to understand what Matchmaker is leveraging.
  • Matchmaker can evaluate custom fields to perform some tasks.  Read the configuration guides and create any custom fields on lead, contact and account records.
  • Review how the application assigns leads and sketch out a schema that fits your business process before you configure.
  • Lead conversion can be conducted under a number of rules.  Review the settings and develop a framework you would like to implement for your company.
  • Communicate all changes to your user community so that your deployment is smooth and accepted by all.  We recommend deploying to a sandbox first where you can test and share application features with your colleagues prior to deployment to your production org.

Install & Configure

Once you are ready, to proceed you will follow the steps below to implement the solution:

  • Install the managed package in your Salesforce org using the install link from the AppExchange or provided directly to you by Full Circle.  Then configure Salesforce in preparation for setting up how Matchmaker will operate in your org.
    • Assign Permission Sets & Enable App (required)
    • Enable Duplicate Management Rules (required)
    • Configure Page Layouts (recommended)
    • Configure Custom Fields (optional)

Next you will use the Matchmaker configuration tab to set up the following:

  • Lead to Account Matching
    • Match
      • Email Domain Calculation
      • Lead Matching
      • Match Prioritization Rules
    • Assign
    • Convert
  • Account Rating
  • Advanced Settings

For companies planning to use custom fields with Matchmaker there is a guide that addresses these specifically:

  • Custom Fields & Matchmaker (optional)

Finally, once you have completed the steps above, review the documentation for interface changes that should be communicated to users in the guide:

  • Lead & Account Visualforce Pages for Users

In order to assure a smooth rollout we recommend that you use this material to support training and orientation for users who will see and use Matchmaker functionality to support their daily work.


Do you need assistance or have questions? Contact our Customer Success team by logging a case in the Full Circle Customer Success Community.


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