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Tab and Configuration Permissions

Easy Campaign Member Status Permissions


During Installation any profiles that were granted access to the application will have tab visibility for the Easy Campaign Member Tab. To only allow access to specific users do the following.

First block access to the tab for all Profiles

On all profiles, edit and set the tab visibility for Easy Campaign Member Status to ‘Default Off’

Next, open up access with a Permission Set

Create a Permission Set for the Tab visibility

  1. Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets > New
  2. Name the permission set
  3. User License: Salesforce
  4. Save

On the next screen

  1. Select Object Settings > Easy Campaign Member Status
  2. Click Edit
  3. Check the Available and Visible Checkboxes and Save

Next, assign the permission set to specific users

  1. Go to the user record you wish to add to this permission set.
  2. From the top Permission Set Assignments link, or from the  Permission Set Assignments related list click Edit Assignments.

  1. Select your Permission Set on the left and move it to the right Enable Permission Sets section
  2. Save

Accessing the Easy Campaign Member Tab

In most cases configuration this application is done once, and occasionally adjusted, so users may not want to have permanent visibility for this Tab from a specific Salesforce App.

(An App is the dropdown choice of Tab views on the top right of the browser window – see the image to the right.)

Your user can access the Easy Campaign Member Status configuration Tab as needed by clicking + icon on the right of their tab navigation and then clicking on the Easy Campaign Member Status link.

If the user wants permanent access to the Easy Campaign Member Tab they can add it to any App they have access to:

1. Click the + icon on the right of their tab navigation

2. Click Customize My Tabs button on the top right of the All Tabs page

3. Select the App they want to display the tab on from the Custom App drop down

4. Select Easy Campaign Member Status on the left and move it to the right in the Selected Tabs section

5. Save

The Tab now will be displayed in that App

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