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Installation and Configuration Guide


Easy Campaign Member Status User Guide

Congratulations! You have purchased the Easy Campaign Member Status application from Full Circle CRM. With Easy Campaign Member Status you can pre-define the Member Status values that will be set on new Campaigns based on the Campaign Type. Your days of stressing out over inconsistent Campaign Member Status values are over!

How it Works

Configure the application to create default Campaign Member Status values based on the Campaign ‘Type’ field. This is the standard ‘Type’ field on the Campaign record. After you are done, whenever you create a Campaign, the value in the Type field will be evaluated and the Member Status values, and default value will be set for you. This works when creating a new Campaign directly or by cloning a Campaign. For existing Campaigns, we can do an update to ensure that the values you are expecting are on that record, and to set the default value.


Currently installation is started via a privately managed package link. This will be changing once it is published in the AppExchange. However, the rest of this information is accurate.

Step 1.

This page indicates the level of access the package will have is based on the installing users access. The access shown here can later be edited in the package detail page. Click Next once you have chosen your levels of access.

Step 2.

In step 2 you will be prompted to select a security level. Note that any user that will be using the application will need to be granted access. Once you choose your security settings click Next.

Step 3.

Click Install to continue.

Step 4. (Optional)

Once the application is installed you can add the tab to specific applications so that it will be available to end-users.


Let’s take a walk through the application:

Step 1: Open Up the Easy Campaign Member Status Application

The application configuration is accessed via an “Easy Campaign Member Status” Tab that is added to both the Sales and Marketing Applications by default.

This is the home screen for the Easy Campaign Member Status application. The application has the ability to set specific Member Status values by Campaign Type. The default Member Status value section above shows the Member Statuses that will be used in the event that a given Campaign Type is not configured.

Click on the Add Status Configuration button to get started.

Step 2: Create New Campaign Member Status Values

Select the Campaign Type(s) using the multi-select picklist. You will see the Campaign appear in the box on the right side. Underneath, add the Member Status values that are related to the Campaign Type.

Create more Status values by selecting the Add link and delete statuses by clicking the Remove link to the right.

You can re-order your statuses by using the Up and Down Arrows. Click Save to create your new Campaign Member Statuses for the specific type of Campaign you chose. Click Cancel if you don’t want these new Campaign Member Statuses to take effect.

Back on the home screen your new Status values will be shown underneath the Default Member Status Values. You can click the Edit button to change the Campaign Member Statuses for your new Campaign Type or the Delete button to remove the Campaign Type. If you hit the Delete button the following box will appear:

Click Ok if you want to delete the Campaign Type or Cancel if you accidentally clicked this button.

Step 3: Mass Update Your Existing Campaign Member Status Values

The Mass Update feature will update the list of Member Status values for all existing Campaigns in the system with a corresponding Campaign Type

A few notes on the Mass Update feature:

  • Mass Update with the Easy Campaign Member Status Application will not delete any existing Member Status values used in the system.
  • It will add new statuses to previously created Campaigns if the Campaign Type matches the configuration.
  • It will update the default status of your existing Campaign Members to match the default status in the Easy Campaign Member Statuses Application.
  • Once you complete the Mass Update process it cannot be undone.

Click on the Mass Update button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the screen below:​

Check the boxes of the Campaign Types you want to use Mass Update on. Click the Mass Update button to go ahead with this or the Cancel button if you do not wish to move forward. The box below will appear if you click Mass Update:

This function may take a little time, so click OK and check on your Campaign Member Statuses in a few minutes

Thanks again for purchasing Easy Campaign Member Status from Full Circle CRM – We hope this will make the creation and management of your marketing campaigns much easier!

If you need assistance from Support, please file a Case in the Full Circle Community Portal. You can login at using your Salesforce credentials.

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