Mass Update is a powerful tool to adjust existing member status values on existing campaigns within your database.

This feature should be used with caution, as it can have large scale effects on your data.

  1. Mass Update with the Easy Campaign Member Status Application will not delete statuses already in existing campaigns that have the same campaign type as something you build.
  2. It will add new statuses to your previously created campaigns.  I.E. if you already have campaign types created under the Seminar / Conference type the status already in those campaigns will not be removed, but the new ones will be added into the campaign. If a status already exists, but the responded attribute is different, it will be updated to match your Easy Campaign Member Status configuration.
  3. It will change the default status of your existing campaigns to the default status in the Easy Campaign Member Status Application.
  4. Once you complete the Mass Update process it cannot be undone.