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Purchase Campaign Attribution


You will need to exit Trial Mode, by transitioning to the full version of the product. Trial Mode does not include Account model functionality and is only available for 30 days.

Who does it Benefit?

Users will benefit by gaining full access to functionality of all Full Circle Campaign Attribution features. 

What is the Business Value?

Transitioning to the full version provides you with Account attribution model types and the ability to fully implement and adopt the tool with your strategy and team.

Key Considerations 

Technical: The Professional edition (or greater) of Salesforce is required to run Campaign Attribution in your org.

Resources: Installing and setting up the full version requires downloading the product into your org and several configuration steps. It's best practice to have a team member with Salesforce skills to assist or be available for questions.

Installing the Full Version 

  1. From the Main Configuration page | Full Circle Campaign Attribution Free Trial Edition section | Select Purchase Now:





2. A form will appear, and you need to complete in order to initiate the purchasing process. 

  • Once the purchasing process is finished we will generate a license code that will provide you with the ability to enable full application functionality.
    • We will need your org ID in order to generate the license code as we will not yet be able to see the package installation in the Salesforce License Management App. 
    • Your org ID is located in Setup on the Company Information page:

Config Image 1.png





3. Copy the Salesforce ID and send to to request the license code to unlock the Trial Mode.

4. Once you have received the license code from Support, Click Install License.





5. Enter the license code into the text field box shown bellow. Click Install License button.






  • Once the license is installed, the Trial Mode configuration section will be removed from the Advanced Configuration page.













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