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Configure the Basics


This page covers the basics for Campaign Attribution configuration.  To get the most out of Full Circle Campaign Attribution, we recommend developing a deeper understanding about how attribution models work and how they can be tailored to best fit your organization’s needs.  Refer to Feature Implementation and Configuration Guide for more information.

Accessing the Main Configuration Page

The Main Configuration page can be accessed by selecting the (+) from the top navigation and clicking on Full Circle Campaign Attribution link.












From the Main Configuration page, you can access, set up and modify settings.











Main Configuration Page Breakdown

Following is a breakdown of the settings:

  1. Manage Models: There are three pre-configured attribution models that are active after installation.  We highly recommend customizing attribution models to match your business needs, but the three pre-configured models need no further configuration if your goal is to simply see how the application works.   Click > Edit if you want to modify the settings. Refer to Configuring Attribution Models article to get more detailed information.
  2. Create New Model:  When you are ready to set up and customize a new model, you can generate a Label /Unique Name, which will appear in the Manage Model list. From there you can Edit to configure the model settings.
  3. Data Processing: Manage Database Rebuilds - when you configure your settings or create a new model, the database will need to rebuild in order to capture data in Salesforce. Once you have made your updates, you have the option to Rebuild Campaign Attribution Data Now. This could take several hours, depending on the amount of data you have in your Salesforce database.
  4. Data Processing: Update Times - If you do not want to Rebuild Campaign Attribution Data Now, you can select a time that you would like regular updates to occur. Based on the time you select, the database will automatically rebuild at that time. NOTE: If a rebuild of the database has happened in the prior 12 hours - via manual clicking the "Rebuild Campaign Attribution Data Now" - the scheduled rebuild will be skipped.
  5. Main Configuration page buttons:
  • Save- Saves changes you made to Main Configuration page.
  • Event Logs - Provides access and settings for Diagnostic and Event Logs. 
  • Deal Explorer Configuration - Configure settings for the Deal Explorer feature, including events and tasks to include or exclude from campaign type list.
  • Field Synchronization - Map Campaign Member fields to Campaign Attribution Detail fields, and the field values will sync when Attribution is calculated. 
  • Advanced Configuration - Includes Manage Batch and Limit Sizes, Manage Custom Attribution Models, Install License form-in Trial Mode only. The Full Circle Support Team can help you with these settings. 

Modifying Opportunity Page Layout

In order to view campaign attribution data, there are a couple of basic modifications that must be made to the Opportunity page layout.  If you are not familiar with modifying Salesforce Page Layouts, please contact your Salesforce System Administrator for help with this task.​ 

  1. From Salesforce, Select Setup.
  2. From Quick Find list, Select BuildCustomizeOpportunities | Page Layouts.
  3. Edit Opportunity Page Layout.

Add the Deal Explorer button to the Page Layout

  1. From Opportunity Layout list, Select Buttons.
  2. Select Deal Explorer button | drag to the Custom Buttons location.






Add the Campaign Attribution Detail Related List to the Page Layout

  1. From Opportunity Layout list, Select Related Lists.

  1. Select Campaign Attribution | drag to the Related Lists location.









  1. Once you have added both options, be sure to Save the Page Layout as the final step.

Verify Page Layout options appear on Opportunity Detail page

After modifying the Opportunity Page Layout, you will see the Deal Explorer button and the Campaign Attribution Details Related List on the Opportunity Detail page, as shown below.









Calculating Campaign Attribution for All Opportunities

Calculating campaign attribution for all of the Opportunities in your Salesforce database involves a fair amount of data processing.  This processing is done in batches, and the time it takes to complete will vary, depending on the amount of data in your Salesforce database.  It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours.

After the application is installed, it is scheduled to recalculate campaign attribution for your entire database, on a daily basis at midnight.  You can change that schedule easily, through the Main Configuration page. We recommend a schedule that will run during hours when most users are not accessing the Salesforce org.

Campaign attribution can also be recalculated at anytime, on demand, by selecting the Rebuild Campaign Attribution Data Now button (instructions below). 

To get started, we recommend running an on demand batch now, so that you can explore the results immediately.  After that you can rely on the daily scheduled job to update your campaign attribution data.

Manage Database Rebuilds

Recalculate Campaign Attribution Data On-Demand
  1. From the Main Configuration page | Data ProcessingManage Database Rebuilds section.
  1. Click Rebuild Campaign Attribution Data Now button.
  2. Wait for processing to complete.
  • While the Campaign Attribution data is being rebuilt, it is not possible to modify the configuration of the application, as shown below.  Depending on the size of your database, the rebuild process can take up to several hours to complete.







During the data rebuild, the page automatically reloads periodically.  When the rebuild is complete, the “in progress” message will disappear and the Rebuild Campaign Attribution Data Now button will appear again, as shown below.  While the rebuild process is in progress you will not be able to access the Campaign Attribution configuration wizard.

Recalculate Campaign Attribution with Specific Time

You can select a specific time to automatically process and refresh Campaign Attribution data. It is best practice to choose a time when users won't be accessing the data.

From Update Times, Select > appropriate time from the list. Times specified are in your local time.







Viewing Campaign Attribution Data

The results of the campaign attribution calculations are stored in a custom object called campaign attribution Details. Campaign attribution Detail data can be viewed via dashboards and reports that are delivered with the application.  This data can also be viewed using the Deal Explorer, which gives you the full picture of campaign attribution on a particular Opportunity.

Reports and Dashboards

A selection of reports and dashboards are available with the installation. There is also an additional Reporting install package, that calculates more custom and specific reporting and dashboards. Refer to Installing the Reporting Package to get more information.

To view data:

  1. Click > Reports tab.
  2. From All Folders, Locate > Full Circle Attribution Dashboards and  Full Circle Attribution Reports.
  3. Click on each folder to view Campaign Attribution data.







The Deal Explorer

Campaign attribution for a specific Opportunity can be viewed easily from the Opportunity detail page.

  1. Click Deal Explorer button. 









  1. View campaign attribution from the perspective of three different models.












NOTE: If you cannot find the Deal Explorer button while viewing an Opportunity, you may need to add this button to the Page Layout (refer to Add Deal Explorer Button to Page Layout instructions).

Field Synchronization 

To help with reporting, Campaign Attribution Field Sync allows users to Synchronization values from the Campaign Member record to the corresponding Campaign Attribution Detail record.

How To Use: A Field Synchronization button has been added to the Campaign Attribution Main Configuration page. 


Clicking this button takes you to the Full Circle Campaign Attribution Field Synchronization page, where you can map Campaign Member fields to Campaign Attribution Detail fields. 


To map, scroll to the 'Select New Fields to Synchronize' section, select a source Campaign Member field and then a target field on the Campaign Attribution Detail object for synchronization. The list of available target fields will match the field type of the campaign member field such as text field to text field or date field to date field.

NOTE: Salesforce standard fields and Campaign Attribution fields are not selectable. 

Event Log Settings

Full Circle Campaign Attribution has a robust diagnostics and debugging interface, including the ability to send debugging notifications to the Full Circle Support Team. 

Users who would like the Full Circle Support Team to monitor diagnostic logs and system exceptions would benefit from selecting this option.

There is no additional fee for this service.

  1. From the bottom of the Main Configuration page, Click Event Logs button.
  2. Select Diagnostics Logs tab.
  3. Click Allow automatic notifications checkbox.
  4. Click Save.









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