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Install the Free Trial


All installations start in Trial Mode, which allows you to test the product for thirty days using Opportunity Attribution Model Types. Account Attribution Model Types are only available in the full version. After the product has been purchased you will receive a license code to enable full application functionality.  The application will be in Trial Mode for thirty days from the date it is installed or until it is activated. 

Step 1: Get the Install Package

  1. From Salesforce, go to the Full Circle Campaign Attribution AppExchange listing
  2. Click Get it Now button.

3. Login with your Salesforce credentials.

4. Select your preferred Org for installation.

Step 2: Install the Package 

1. Choose Install for All Users.

The installation process will begin.

2. So you don't have to wait, you can Click > Done button and an email will alert you when the installation is complete.

Step 3: Confirm the Package was Installed

1.From Salesforce, Click Setup.



2. From Quick Find Search Packages | Click Installed Packages.

3. Confirm the application was installed.








If you need assistance from Support, please file a Case in the Full Circle Community Portal. You can login at using your Salesforce credentials.

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