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Getting Started with Campaign Attribution

Full Circle Campaign Attribution is an application built for the Salesforce platform that provides full visibility into which marketing campaigns were influential in landing a deal.  

The application enables attribution of revenue to multiple campaigns for a single Opportunity, based on highly configurable models.  

Installation is quick and simple, and calculating campaign influence takes place with the single click of a button, and is automatically refreshed daily.  

The application gives you complete visibility into which campaigns are most effective based on actual revenue won so that you can make informed decisions going forward.

This guide is intended to get you started.  It will give you a basic understanding around what the application does, and will provide details on how to install and start using it.  For more in-depth information, we recommend the Feature Implementation and Configuration Guide


Getting Started is Easy:

Step 1: Install the Free Trial

Step 2: Configure the Basics

Step 3: Purchase Campaign Attribution




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