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Customizing Attribution Model Field Labels


The Campaign Attribution Detail object comes with default names for Attribution calculations. Once you decide on your models and how you want them displayed, you can update the display of the default fields by overriding the field labels.

Who does it Benefit?

Users who want to align the field labels with the terminology used in their business process.

What is the Business Value?

Updating the field labels will impact report field display and UI display including related lists.

Overriding Field Labels

Field Labels for fields related to managed packages must be overridden in the Translation Workbench, but you do not have to have the Translation Workbench enabled to do this.

To override the Field Label: 

  1. From Salesforce, Click Setup link. 
  2. From the Quick Find Column, Select Administer | Translation Workbench Override (or search for Override in the Setup Quick Find search window).
  3. Select the following filter criteria:​
  • Package Name: Select Full Circle Campaign Attribution
  • Language: Select the language you wish to Override
  • Setup Component: Custom Field
  • Object: Campaign Attribution Detail
  • Aspect: Field Label
  1. View the fields and locate the field you would like to override. 
  • Hover over the Field Label Override middle column next to the Label you want to change. 
  • A pencil will display.
  1. Type in your desired Field Label. 
  2. Click the Save button before progressing to the next link on the bottom or before leaving the page.







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